PP LIVE Passport

PP LIVE Passport

Frequently Asked Questions

What exchange rate will I receive if I use my PP Live Passport package for an event with a different currency?

Players receive at least $11,000 of value at each live event for their $10,000 package therefore any exchange rate fluctuations will only effect partypoker LIVE and not the player themselves as they will still receive the $11,000 of value with additional extras added to the package if the exchange rate was to change. For PP Live Online Series the buy ins will be in USD.

What exchange rate will I receive if my pay-out is made with a different currency?

Payouts made into partypoker accounts will be paid at the exchange rate of the site on that day. Players who have their partypoker account set in the same currency will not be affected by exchange rates.

Why are PP Live Passport winners forced to play Day 1A?

Day 1A is a freezeout therefore, this is the best day for qualifiers because they are able to have a freezeout experience for the whole journey.

What happens if I win multiple PP Live Passport packages?

Players can win multiple PP Live Passport packages, however they must be able to use them within 24 months. Therefore, if there are 5 upcoming eligible events the maximum a player should win is 5 packages.

If I cash in an event, how will I receive my payout?

Those who qualify via PP Live Passport or buy in online will be paid out to their partypoker account.

Who can I contact for help?

If you have any further questions please feel free to get in touch by emailing millions@mypartypokerlive.com


Can I use T$ to buy in to PP Live Passport satellites?

Yes, you can use T$ to buy in to satellites. If you do not have enough T$ to buy in in full, you must ensure that there are enough funds in your partypoker account to make up the difference.

Can I sell or transfer my PP Live Passport to another player?

Players are not able to sell or transfer their PP Live Passport to another player.

How long do I have to use my PP Live Passport?

All PP Live Passports have a 24 month expiry.

If I buy into an event with my PP Live Passport and decide not to play the event, will my buy-in be refunded?

Players will receive an email asking them to choose which event they wish to play. Once they have confirmed which event the team will go ahead and book their hotel and issue any expenses connected to their chosen location. Once this has been completed there are no refunds on the package unless extenuating circumstances can be proved.

Which events can I use my PP Live Passport for?

PP Live Passport packages can be used at the following events:

    • MILLIONS Caribbean Poker Party - November 2020
    • MILLIONS Online – January 2021
    • MILLIONS UK – TBC 2021
    • MILLIONS Europe – TBC 2021
    • MILLIONS Russia – TBC 2021
    • MILLIONS Vegas – TBC 2021
    • MILLIONS Caribbean Poker Party – November 2021

What does my PP Live Passport include?

Each live event package will be bespoke to that event. Players will receive their main event buy in worth $5,300 (Or local currency of £5,300 or €5,300 depending on the location). Players will receive a hotel room for 2 guests, cash for flights and expenses. In additional we will offer exclusive extras at each stop taking the retail value of each package to at least $11,000.

If a player chooses to play a PP Live Online Series they will receive their reg fee free.

Can I use my PP Live for MILLIONS Online?

Yes you can use your package for MILLIONS Online and you will receive a $5,300 main event seat plus a re-entry ticket or side events of your choice. You will receive the tickets with the reg fee free.

How do I buy in to this event using my PP Live Passport?

You will receive an email from the MILLIONS Team within 24 hours of winning your package, please confirm via email in advance where you would like to use your package so that we can book your hotel for you.

Can I use PP LIVE Dollars to buy in to satellites for this event?

Yes, you can use PP LIVE Dollars to buy in to the $109 Phase 3s and $1,050 Final Phase for this event. Select the  buy in via the partypokerlive.com website and a ticket will be issued within 24 hours.