partypoker LIVE Wallet Balance

Winning PP LIVE Dollars:

  • PP LIVE Dollars satellites will run on partypoker until Sunday 3rd November 2019.

Spending PP LIVE Dollars

  • PP LIVE Dollars can only be spent by players once they appear on their balance.
  • Players must have a partypoker LIVE account which is linked to their partypoker account to spend their PP LIVE Dollars and view their remaining balance. Players must link their partypoker and partypoker LIVE accounts to confirm that the accounts belong to the same player as they are two separate companies.
  • PP LIVE Dollars are available to use in any partypoker LIVE branded or sponsored events, at Dusk Till Dawn Nottingham, King’s Casino Europe and Playground Poker Club Montreal. PP LIVE Dollars can also be used for travel expenses for said events.
  • Players who only win $10,000 and wish to play a $10,300 buy in event such as MILLIONS online must add the $300 registration fee, this will be taken from their partypoker account. The same stands for any other event value where the player needs to top up their PP LIVE Dollars balance with cash from their partypoker accounts. In order to do this transaction partypoker LIVE will remove the additional funds from the players partypoker balance and place it into a partypoker LIVE settlement account to cover the balance of the players entry.
  • Players can exchange their PP LIVE Dollars for event tickets to play Online Day 1s for PP LIVE events. To do this a player must select which event they wish to play via the specific event page and partypoker LIVE will add the entry into the players partypoker account in the form of a ticket of the value of the tournament.
  • Players are not able to transfer their PP LIVE Dollars to a non partypoker LIVE branded or sponsored event. This includes partypoker online tournaments unless branded by partypoker LIVE i.e. MILLIONS Online.
  • Players can use PP LIVE Dollars at all events at partypoker LIVE partner venues including all their regular tournaments.
  • If a player buys in to a tournament with PP LIVE Dollars, then wins a satellite for a specific seat for the event and does not use both entries they will get their PP LIVE Dollars returned for the unused seat. No cash will be given.
  • Players cannot use PP LIVE Dollars to upgrade a specific satellite ticket they have won as the specific satellite ticket is only valid for the target event and is therefore treated separately to the PP LIVE Dollars balance.


Using PP LIVE Dollars for Expenses

  • Players must provide valid receipts in their own name to claim their travel and accommodation expenses for live events, and must visit the desk at the live event to claim them.
  • Expenses will be paid into a player's partypoker online account in cash, we cannot issue expenses in cash at the live event. To make this transaction partypoker LIVE remove the funds from the players partypoker LIVE Dollars balance and transfer them to their partypoker online account in cash.
  • Players must play at least one event per festival to be able to claim travel expenses for that festival.
  • Expenses deemed inappropriate for the event that a player is attending will not be refunded. Payments will be made at managers’ discretion.
  • Players are unable to also claim expenses with PP LIVE Dollars or T$ if they have won a package which includes travel expenses - as the expenses are included as part of the package

General PP LIVE Dollars Terms and Conditions

  • PP LIVE Dollars have no financial value and are non-transferable. In the event of a player not being able to use their PP LIVE Dollars there will be no cash alternative.
  • partypoker LIVE should not be held responsible for the status of a player's partypoker online account. If the players partypoker account is closed then a player can still spend their partypoker LIVE Dollars at partypoker LIVE events.
  • Players are not able to sell or transfer their PP LIVE Dollars to another player
  • PP LIVE Dollars can be used by the owner only. They cannot be used for travel and accommodation expenses for any other guests.
  • All PP LIVE Dollars won will expire after 24-months.
  • Exchange rates to buy into live events will be made at the rate advertised on the partypoker LIVE website on the day of requesting to buy in.
  • Management reserve the right to amend, cancel or change this promotion at any time.
  • Management decision is final.
  • Errors and omissions excepted.