WSOP-C Rio Summary Day 4

5 months ago - written by Rob Godmon
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Summary Day 4


Day 4 of WSOP Brazil, hosted by partypoker LIVE, was the day for the champions to shine. Out of the 10 rings awarded at this series, 3 were handed out yesterday: the Super High Roller, the Brazilian Storm and the 8-Game rings. 

The mass tournament was ultimately won by resourceful player Paulinho Santos who bagged R$ 235 thousand and earned the right to wear the championship ring after defeating last year’s Main Event winner, Andrew Zeus. 

In addition, the Super High Roller event came to an end after three days. Alisson Pereira, who never gave up the top position in the tournament, emerged as the winner from among the best poker players from Brazil and Latin America. His outstanding performance earned him R$ 397,000. 

There was also time for fans of mixed games. Jean Vicente won the crown and the R$ 21,000 in this tournament after working hard for two days to come out victorious in a 76-player field. 

Moreover, the Main Event entered Day 1B and the rooms at the Belmond Copacabana Palace burst with over 530 entries in the same flight. Players from Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, England and Chile helped to give shape to this day’s activities. 

Top 10 - Day 1B - Main Event - WSOP Brazil

1st Giuliano Mendes De Freitas 469,400
2nd Helio Ricardo De Oliveira Marques 425,100
3rd Raphael Ribeiro Da Costa 366,800
4th Vinicius Pinheiro 337,400
5th Joao Mateus Matioski Brotto 318,000
6th Jaison Cardoso De Souza 313,000
7th Julio Cezar Moreira 296,000
8th Caique Abeldt Moraes 275,300
9th Antonio Silva Flora 273,400
10th Didier Ortiz Arcikla 259,800


Tournament: NLH Brazilian Storm
Buy-in: R$800
Entries: 2,202
Prize Pool: R$ 1,433,700
Prize-Paying Positions: 221

Final Table Positions:

1st -br- Paulinho Santos R$ 235,000
2nd -br- Andrew Zeus R$ 145,000
3rd -br- Diego Sette Moreira R$ 107,000
4th -br- André Souza Alvarenga R$ 80,000
5th -br- Wallace Gomes Dias R$ 60,000
6th -br- Frederico Vianna Costa R$ 46,000
7th -br- Leonardo Ramos R$ 38,000
8th -cl- Fernando Reines R$ 30,000

Tournament: 8Game
Buy-in: R$ 1,000
Entries: 76
Pool: R$ 61,854
Prize-Paying Positions: 8

Final Positions:

1st -br- Jean Vicente R$ 21,000
2nd -br- Hilary Samy Reicher R$ 13,000
3rd -br- Rodrigo Caprioli R$ 8,854
4th -br- Ricardo Carelli Sarpa R$ 6,000
5th -br- Hudson Corteletti R$ 4,400
6th -br- Diogo Stefano Mateus Antunes R$ 3,400
7th -br- Rodrigo Garrido Portaleoni R$ 2,800
8th -ar- Andrés Korn R$ 2,400

Tournament: Super High Roller
Buy-In: R$16,000
Entries: 63
Reentries: 23
Prize Pool: R$ 1,177,768
Prize-Paying Positions: 9


1st -br- Alisson Pereira R$ 379,000
2nd -br- Jonathan Costa R$ 234,800
3rd -ar- Alejandro Giraudo R$ 164,568
4th -br- Statson Fraiha R$ 111,500
5th -br- Eduardo Parra R$ 87,900
6th -br- Thiago Crema R$ 65,700
7th -br- Mark Scacewater R$ 52,700
8th -br- Leonardo Gomes R$ 43,900
9th -br- Marciano Cruz R$ 37,900

Today’s Schedule:

1:00 PM #1 Main Event DAY 1C • 4KK GTD R$ 4,000
2:00 PM #7 Pot Limit OMAHA • 200K GTD R$ 2,000
7:00 PM SAT R$ 400 Satellite TURBO 10 Seats GTD ME#1
10:00 PM #1 Main Event DAY 1D • 4KK GTD R$ 4,000


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