WSOP-C Rio Summary Day 2

5 months ago - written by Rob Godmon
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Summary Day 2

Day 2 saw a rise in the temperature of the World Series of Poker Circuits Events-Brazil due to the events hosted and the players who arrived at Belmond Copacabana Palace from all corners of Latin America.  

The last two flights of the Brazilian Storm, which exceeded the guaranteed amount of R$ 1 million, and the Ladies event opened the series sponsored by partypoker LIVE. The conclusion of the Seniors tournament added extra spice, but what made this second day epic was the Super High Roller, which gathered the top representatives of Latin American poker.  

Día 1C of the Brazilian storm featured 554 buyins. Players included: from Brazil, Hugo Marcelo and Rogerio Siqueira (winner of the Big Challenger); from Uruguay, Edinson Martínez; and from Argentina, Sergio Collado, Leonardo Daviglus and Sebastián Sacca, who managed to qualify for the next round.  Julio Cesar Moreira, who collected 370,000 chips, finished on top of the 135 qualified players. 

Action continued with the fourth starting flight, which totalled 571 players and 87 rebuys. After 14 betting rounds, Victor Marioza emerged as leader with 352,500 points.  Moreover, the organization included a Day 1E Turbo adding 124 buy-ins and 31 rebuys to the cause.

Thus, with the five initial flights, the million-dollar tournament featured 2,107 buyins without taking into account the first two online flights. On the final day, set to begin today, there will be around 408 qualified players.

Additionally, in the Seniors tournament, Brazilian player Pedro Todorovic was crowned champion, winning R$ 20,550. In the heads-up, he beat Shalom Grimberg, who won R$ 14,400 for finishing second. Rodrigo Coelho Chiabi completed the podium with a R$ 11,700 prize.

Finally, the Ladies Event had 66 buyins and 22 rebuys so the R$ 40k guarantee was easily surpassed. Carol Dupré showed no mercy to her rivals and won a fierce heads-up battle against Marcella Camargo. She collected R$ 12,257 for her performance. 

Seniors Tournament Positions

1st Pedro Todorovic – R$ 20,550
2nd Schalom Grimberg – R$ 14,400
3rd Rodrigo Coelho Chiabi – R$ 11,700
4th Paulo Brito – R$ 10,100
5th Lidison Elia Aranha – R$ 9,100
6th Antonio Padilha – R$ 8,300
7th Joao Batista Fernandes – R$ 7,700
8th Mario Ernesto Fernández – R$ 7,200
9th Claudio Mesqueu – R$ 6,800
10th Roberto Duek – R$ 6,450
11th Nilson Teixeira – R$ 6,100
12th Gorki Oliveira – R$ 5,900
13th Sergio Dos Santos Figueiredo – R$ 5,700
14th Pedro Betancor – R$ 5,500
15th Lim Silva Prado – R$ 5,300
16th Aecio Cleiton Sales Juca – R$ 5,100
17th José Vieira De Souza – R$ 4,900



Ladies Tournament Positions

1st Carol Dupré – R$ 12,257
2nd Marcella Camargo – R$ 8,600
3rd Neryellen Soares Dos Santos – R$ 7,000
4th Gabriela Mara De Oliveira – R$ 6,080
5th Roberta Alves Dos Santos – R$ 5,440
6th Larissa Sousa Havagge – R$ 4,970
7th Maria Celia Lehn – R$ 4,600
8th Tania Caseira Simoes – R$ 4,300
9th Elaine Macedo Da Silva – R$ 4,050

Top Ten - Day 2 - Brazilian Storm

1st Rodrigo Leote – 442,000
2nd Arthur Santana Rocha – 375,500
3rd Julio Cezar Moreira – 370,000
4th Diego Sette Moreira – 365,000
5th Victor Fernandes Matida – 352,500
6th Bruno Borges – 320,000
7th Marcos Do Prado – 317,000
8th Pedro Henrique Rodrigues Pinheiro – 278,000
9th Roberto Correa García – 276,500
10th Chan Man Xin – 275,500


The third Stage of WSOP Brazil 2018 will continue as follows:

1:00 PM - R$ 4,000 Main Event - Day 1A • 4KK GTD
1:00 PM - R$ 16,000 Super High Rollers - FINAL DAY
1:00 PM - R$ 800 Brazilian Storm - FINAL DAY
2:00 PM - R$ 400 SATMega Satellite Event, 25 Buyins GTD
5:00 PM - R$ 1,000 8 Game WSOP • 40K GTD
7:00 PM - R$ 400 SAT Mega Satellite Event, 25 Buyins GTD



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