Vamos for Spanish partypoker Online Players

3 years ago ● Paul Seaton

If you're Spanish, love to play online poker and want to know that the site you play on is always thinking about how to make your experience better, you'll be delighted to hear of the latest changes partypoker online are making to the software. 


From now on, players are going to be welcomed by a serious upgrade next time they sign in. From aesthetics to functionality, the new client has the new 'dark' lobby and table theme, making those final tables seem that bit closer to a late night partypoker LIVE experience than ever before. You can also view the lobby in full-screen mode, too. Doesn't it look fantástico:



But the main changes aren't just in terms of look or feel, they're all about improving your experience as a player. 


Changes to the ecology for Spanish players include a new global waitlist option which will make sure that you're not hanging around on the sidelines for long at all - it's been designed to get your seated as soon as is possible. If the table is full, then you'll be offered a seat at an identical table so that you can join the action quicker.


There's a huge emphasis on fairness across the online poker section of the industry right now. The recent PKO rake changes from partypoker are a great indication of exactly how fair to players there's a responsibility to be.  These latest changes to the software are part of that ethic, with player alias masking prior to posting that first blind in a cash game, random seating at cash games and a universal 'sit out' option now meaning that if a player sits out one game, they sit out all games.





It's about creating a level playing field for players of all levels, whether they're sitting down in a casino at one of our partypoker LIVE MILLIONS events or at home on their laptop. The new shared liquidity pool on will launch very soon .es and .fr players and with more updates coming in the summer, the future of partypoker online is very exciting, as partypoker's managing director, Tom Waters, describes.


“An upgrade to our Spanish poker client is long overdue and we have been working hard to give our Spanish players the same experience that our dotcom players receive. We have been able to close a number of gaps and, while we are not quite complete, the improvement in gameplay experience will be significant. Further enhancements to the .es software will follow in the coming months as we continue to improve our product and align the player experience across all markets.



It isn't just Waters who is excited. April saw one of the most well-respected and famous European poker players join the ranks at partypoker, in time to take part in the MILLIONS Grand Final in Barcelona. Bertrand Grospellier, a.k.a. ElkY, is just as passionate about the changes. He said:


“I am extremely enthusiastic about joining partypoker to actively support their efforts to bring back the ‘Poker First’ mentality, live and online. Our goal is to provide players and fans with an experience they deserve worldwide. partypoker will be aiming to bring their ambition, expertise and successful model to the .eu market with some big announcements coming soon.”


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