Vamos! Brazil’s Soares Takes Down PPC Malta Masters KO For $19.6K

7 months ago

Brazil’s Ailton Soares is on cloud nine right now after becoming the champion of the PPC Malta Masters KO event, turning his $55 investment into $19,671 in the process. Soares was one of four Brazilians on the seven-handed final table and he left his fellow countrymen in his wake.

PPC Malta #03-M Masters KO Final Table Results

Place Player Country Bounties Prize Total prize
1 Ailton Soares Brazil $7,097 $12,574 $19,671
2 Danilo Maritani Brazil $3,812 $12,549 $16,361
3 Stefan Lehner Austria $831 $7,813 $8,644
4 Lucas Rocha Brazil $1,462 $5,221 $6,683
5 Manuel Martins Malta $1,634 $3,567 $5,201
6 Luiz Leiro Brazil $601 $2,534 $3,135
7 Till Stropnik Slovenia $467 $1,761 $2,228

Slovenia’s Till Stropnik was the first final table player heading for the exits, busting in rather cruel circumstances. Danilo Maritani min-raised from under the gun to 3,200,000 with , Stropnik called from the next seat along with , and the flop fell . Maritani fired a 2,400,000 bet that Stropnik called. The turn was the and Maritani moved all-in, putting Stropnik to test for the 19,954,086 chips he had behind. Stropnik called with his top set but busted courtesy of the river.

Luiz Lerio, one of the eventual champion’s fellow Brazilians, busted in sixth place for a combined score worth $3,135. He open-shoved for nine big blinds with and Maritani called from the big blind with the dominating . The five community cards ran with four diamonds, and Maritani held the king of diamonds.

Fifth-place and $5,201 went to Malta’s Manuel Martins. Soares pushed all-in from the small blind with and Martins called off his 8.5 big blind stack with . The board improved Soares to a full house and saw his $34 worth of bounty payments swell to $449.

Short-Stack Rocha Loses a CoinFlip

The final table lost another player when Lucas Rocha bowed out in fourth place, a finish worth $6,683. Rocha came unstuck when the action folded to him in the small blind and he moved all-in with for eight big blinds, and Soares called with . Those fives remained best until the turn of the board.

The tournament progressed to heads-up when Stefan Lehner of Austria saw his stack vanish before him; Lehner collected $8,644 for his efforts. Lehner busted after Maritani min-raised to 7,000,000 on the button and called Lehner’s five big blind shove. Maritani showed which trailed the of the all-in Austrian. That fact only remained true for a few moments because the board ran .

That hand gifted Maritani a 311,351,792 to 120,073,966 chip advantage. The one-on-one battle was an exciting encounter with the chip lead changing hands several times. However, the night and tournament belonged to Soares.

Ill-Time Bluff Goes Wrong

The final hand started with Maritani limped in for 6,000,000 with and called when Soares raised to 21,000,000 with the lowly . The flop fell , and Soares led for 14,355,000, which Maritani called. Another deuce, the on the turn saw Soares slow down and check-call a 24,000,000 bet, leading to the river. Soares checked again with his trip deuces, opening the door for Maritani to bluff all-in with nothing but air. Soares clicked the call button and saw the good news.

Maritani walked away with $16,361 in total, with Soares getting his hands on a $19,671 score and the title of champion.

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