Today Is The Last Day to Play in the McLaren Turbo Series Main Event

3 months ago

They say all good things must come to an end, and that is certainly true when talking about the massive McLaren Turbo Series Main Events. The $215 buy-in $300,000 guaranteed Main Event, $22 buy-in $100,000 guaranteed Mini Main Event, and the $3.30 buy-in $10,000 guaranteed Micro Main Event all conclude today, August 8, and bring the curtain down on the series.

Each of the three McLaren Turbo Series Main Events has three flights remaining. It is your time to party louder, party prouder, and show the online poker world what you can do. Hit the PartyPoker tables at 15:30, 17:30, and 19:30, and build yourself a stack that puts you in a position to make a deep run in all three Main Events. Can anyone in the field handle how you play?

Remaining McLaren Turbo Series Main Event Flights

Time (BST) Event Buy-in
15:30 #09-H Main Event Day 1: $300K Gtd $215
15:30 #09-M Mini Main Event Day 1: $100K Gtd $22
15:30 #09-L Micro Main Event Day 1: $10K Gtd $3.30
17:30 #09-H Main Event Day 1: $300K Gtd $215
17:30 #09-M Mini Main Event Day 1: $100K Gtd $22
17:30 #09-L Micro Main Event Day 1: $10K Gtd $3.30
19:30 #09-H Main Event Day 1: $300K Gtd $215
19:30 #09-M Mini Main Event Day 1: $100K Gtd $22
19:30 #09-L Micro Main Event Day 1: $10K Gtd $3.30

McLaren Turbo Series Main Event Top 10 Chip Counts

More than 1,350 players have bought into the $215 McLaren Turbo Series Main Event, but only 196 are through to today’s Day 2 right now. Some $271,662 of the $300,000 guarantee has already been collected, meaning the guarantee should be blown out of the water by the time Day 2 shuffles up and deals at 21:05 BST on August 8.

It is tighter than Fort Knox in the top ten, with less than 500,000 chips separating “Highlandhammer6” in first place and “ElMaquinista” in tenth. Highlandhammer6 turned their one million starting stack into a tournament-leading 2,766,767 during their flight. The chip leader already has $512 in bounties, so is freerolling their way to one of the bigger payouts.

Second place currently belongs to “Chrischi38” who we have to doff our cap to. Chrischi38 has $325 worth of bounties payments and a min-cash locked up, and returns to battle with a 2,704,772 stack. However, that only tells part of the story because they are also third in chips in the Mini Main Event; Chrischi38 is balling out of control and is definitely the one to watch going into Day 2 this evening!

Place Player Bounties Chip
1 Highlandhammer6 $512 2,766,767
2 Chrischi38 $325 2,704,772
3 Benibenn $615 2,663,925
4 King Crab $437 2,485,307
5 CyprussHills $387 2,460,393
6 G0LDENuts $512 2,354,723
7 Brute Forss $650 2,339,402
8 ElMaquinista $512 2,330,778
9 ShowHein $343 2,286,221
10 annulled $562 2,279,384

McLaren Turbo Series Mini Main Event Top 10 Chip Counts

“Lydia096” showcased their silky skills in the Mini Main Event by ending their flight with a colossal stack of 4,098,310 chips in addition to $73 worth of scalps. Lydia096 is one of only two people across all three Main Events that returns to the fray with more than four million betting tokens.

More than 3,900 players have joined this epic party and generated more than $78,000 of the advertised $100,000 guaranteed prize pool. Are you entering one of the remaining three flights? Can you catch Lydai096 and their other chip leaders? Of course you can because nobody plays like you.

Place Player Bounties Chip
1 Lydia096 $73 4,098,310
2 TomJ1399 $48 3,600,508
3 Chrischi38 $45 3,558,961
4 MAZE2.0 $58 3,541,372
5 Le_chiffre $52 3,284,087
6 ICMadness $58 3,263,443
7 Ferguson7 $68 3,233,623
8 FooFighter22 $42 3,164,712
9 vAAnucci $45 3,123,340
10 TheVikening $55 3,079,389

McLaren Turbo Series Micro Main Event Top 10 Chip Counts

“TooMuchPower” is by far the chip leader in the $3.30 buy-in $10,000 guaranteed Micro Main Event, where 3,368 players have helped the prize pool smash through the guarantee before the final flights have taken place.

The chip leader has a war chest of 4,206,335 and almost three times the tournament’s buy-in in bounties. TooMuchPower may hold a commanding chip lead when play resumes, but anything can happen in poker, it really is anyone’s game.

Place Player Bounties Chip
1 TooMuchPower $9.09 4,206,335
2 Darth Sirius $8.80 3,341,470
3 joker-king $6.76 3,326,767
4 otaviohen $3.37 3,321,170
5 winzi1010 $10.96 3,240,741
6 FantOmas7888 $8.81 3,185,386
7 KingJordAo $11.71 2,927,221
8 noluckchuck $6.47 2,895,882
9 Manuli1 $8.61 2,837,703
10 Deniska Win $16.11 2,804,634

Fon Maxi Banks a Five-Figure Score in the Weekender

The $55 Weekender event drew in 2,123 Party lovers who created a guarantee-busting $106,150 prize pool. Almost exactly a tenth of that princely sum, $10,631, is now nestled in the PartyPoker account of the champion, “Fon Maxi.”

Some 317 players made it through to Day 2 and Fon Maxi outlasted them all like a true playa. They found themselves heads-up against “OMGR1G” who had been partying loud and proud throughout the event, and had sent 16 foes to the rail. Unfortunately for OMGR1G, they could not make it 17 bustouts and lost the heads-up clash with the player of the day, Fon Maxi. Second place came with a combined prize weighing in at $9,228, while Fon Maxi captured a $10,631 payday; pop that champagne!

McLaren Turbo Series #56-H Weekender

Place Player Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 Fon Maxi $4,231 $6,400 $10,631
2 OMGR1G $2,840 $6,388 $9,228
3 Roddy28 $832 $4,113 $4,945
4 De_Ranged $685 $2,705 $3,390
5 lapuguita $1,109 $1,830 $2,939
6 TARPSTAM $298 $1,391 $1,689
7 Lawwrence $416 $1,006 $1,422
8 NoamChopski $496 $798 $1,294
9 Allin486 $1,096 $622 $1,718

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