Skalak and Gomes Become First 2022 MILLIONS Online Champions

2 months ago

Ladies and gentlemen, join us in congratulation Vojtech Skalak and Danton Gomes on becoming the first champions of the massive MILLIONS Online festival. Skalak came out on top of the $1,575 MILLIONS Online Opener PKO and secured a $71,466 payout, while Gomes triumphed in the $162 MILLIONS Online Mini PKO Opener for $19,475. Both events obliterated their guarantees thanks to your incredible support.

Skalak came out on top of a ridiculously stacked field in the $1,575 buy-in MILLIONS Online Opener PKO event. Some 255 players created a $382,500 prize pool, which far exceeded the advertised $250,000 guarantee. Only 37 of those starters were present and correct for Day 2, which took place under the watchful eyes of the ever-popular PartyPoker Twitch stream. Those 37 returnees were cut down to the final table of nine in less than three hours, with all but one of the nine finalists scooping a five-figure haul for their efforts.

Leon Sturm was the final table’s first casualty. Sturm made it 1,320,000 to go from early position when the blinds were 300,000/600,000/75,000a. The action folded around to Renan Bruschi in the big blind, and he called. The flop fell , Bruschi checked, Sturm continued for 720,000, Bruschi check-raised to 2,400,000, and Sturm called. A landed on the turn, and Bruschi fired a 4,200,000 bet. Sturm called, leading to the river. Bruschi set Sturm all-in for his last 5,174,020 chips, and Sturm called. Bruschi flipped over which crushed the of his opponent.

Pedro Madeira was the next to fall after a clash with Austrian superstar Nino Ullmann did not go to plan. The blinds had increased to 350,000/700,000/87,500, and the action folded to Skalak in the cutoff who raised to 1,400,000 with . Madeira, from the small blind, flat called with , only for Ullmann to wake up with in the big blind, and he squeezed to 6,300,000. Skalak folded, but Madeira took the aggressive line and jammed for 24,945,674, which Ullmann called. A board reading reduced the player count by one.

Fox Hunted

The dangerous Elio Fox crashed out in seventh, much to the relief of his former table mates. Fox was one of the chip leaders with seven players remaining, but the Poker Gods had other plans for the Mexico-based star. First, he lost half of his stack with ace-queen versus Daniel Petersen‘s tens, then three-bet all-in for 16.5 big blinds with over the top of an opening raise from Jans Arends. Unfortunately, Arends had raised with , and made the call. The five community cards failed to rescue Fox and his tournament was over.

Sixth place went to Tiago Fernandes Dos Santos, who has been nursing a short stack for a while. With blinds of 500,000/1,000,000/125,000a, Arends opened to 2,800,000 from the small blind with before calling the 15,299,416 shove from Dos Santos, which he made with . It was a coinflip, and one that went Arends’ way courtesy of a nine on the flop.

Denmark’s Petersen saw his tournament end abruptly in fifth place after he lost a substantial coinflip against Ullmann. Ullmann opened the betting from under the gun, min-raising to 2,000,000 with . Petersen, from the next seat along, three-bet to 12,500,000 with before calling off the 12,619,142 chips he had behind when Ullmann set him all-in. A cruel board reading was of no assistance to Petersen, and he headed for the rail.

Double Elimination

It was not long after that a double elimination sent the Opener PKO into the heads-up stage. Arends min-raised to 2,400,000 on the button with , Bruschi three-bet to 23,400,000 with , leaving himself less than a small blind behind, only for Skalak to shove for 59,380,049 with . Arends called off the 46,621,686 chips he had behind, and Bruschi tossed in his micro stack. A run out kept Skalak’s sevens ahead, busting Bruschi in fourth and Arends in third!

Skalak went into the heads-up clash with the chip advantage, but the early battles went Ullmann’s way, and he forged a two-to-one lead for himself. However, Skalak levelled matters before pushing forward and building a lead for himself.

The final hand took place during the 1,000,000/2,000,000/250,000a level, and saw Skalak make it 5,000,000 with , and Ullmann call with . The flop fell , gifting Skalak two pair but he now had to figure out how to extract chips from the talented Ullmann. Skalak bet 7,560,000 when Ullmann checked to him, and Ullmann called. A turn saw Ullmann check-call a 19,000,000 bet. The completed the community cards, and Ullmann checked again. Skalak shoved for a pot-sized bet effectively, and Ullmann did not believe his story because he called with ace-high, only to discover Skalak was telling the truth all along.

MILLIONS Online #01 Opener PKO Final Table Results

Place Player Country Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 Vojtech Skalak Czech Republic $41,625 $29,841 $71,466
2 Nino Ullmann Austria $7,687 $29,803 $37,490
3 Jans Arends Austria $12,796 $20,258 $33,054
4 Renan Bruschi Brazil $9,374 $13,469 $22,843
5 Daniel Petersen Denmark $4,476 $9,835 $14,311
6 Tiago Dos Santos Brazil $4,875 $7,912 $12,787
7 Elio Fox Mexico $2,812 $6,074 $8,886
8 Pedro Madeira Brazil $5,460 $5,057 $10,517
9 Leon Sturm Austria $3,281 $4,236 $7,517

Gomes Gets the Job Done in the Mini Opener PKO

The MILLIONS Online Mini Opener PKO was only mini in name because 1,187 players bought in for $162 and created a guarantee-busting $178,200 prize pool. Some $19,475 of that impressive sum is now nestled in the PartyPoker account of Brazil’s Danton Gomes, who defeated his fellow countryman Yuri Gama heads-up, resigning Gama to a $16,556 consolation prize.

A special mention must go to Daniel Petersen, who finished ninth in the Mini Opener PKO for $2,209 while grinding away at the Opener PKO final table, where he finished fifth for $14,311. What an incredible start to the MILLIONS Online series for the Dane.

MILLIONS Online #02 Mini Opener PKO Final Table Results

Place Player Country Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 Danton Gomes Brazil $8,048 $11,427 $19,475
2 Yuri Gama Brazil $5,147 $11,409 $16,556
3 Lewis Colton United Kingdom $1,577 $7,543 $9,120
4 James Walsh United Kingdom $891 $4,880 $5,771
5 Nilson Sales Brazil $1,270 $3,321 $4,591
6 Daniel Smiljkovic Austria $2,724 $2,551 $5,275
7 Remi Verdelet Malta $271 $1,869 $2,140
8 Dan Stacey United Kingdom $932 $1,479 $2,411
9 Daniel Petersen Denmark $1,045 $1,164 $2,209

Upcoming MILLIONS Online Events

There is a ton of action with your name written all over it over the next couple of days at PartyPoker. Check out the table below for all MILLIONS Online branded events taking place on September 6-7, but do not forget to head to the PartyPoker lobby and find all the juicy details of the satellites, which include $0.01 centrolls that feed into the huge $2 million guaranteed MILLIONS Online Main Event!

Date Time (BST) Event Buy-in Guarantee
Tue 6 Sep 16:05 #04 Super 100 Day 1 $109 $300,000
17:05 7-Max PKO $109 $25,000
19:05 #08 7-Max PKO Championship Day 1 $1,050 $500,000
19:05 8-Max PKO $215 $50,000
20:05 #03 Super 500 Day 1 $530 $500,000
20:05 #04 Super 100 Day 1 $109 $300,000
21:30 6-Max Turbo Deepstack $215 $20,000
23:05 #04 Super 100 Day 1 $109 $300,000
Wed 7 Sep 16:05 #04 Super 100 Day 1 $109 $300,000
17:05 8-Max PKO $109 $30,000
19:05 #08 7-Max PKO Championship Day 1 $1,050 $500,000
19:05 8-Max PKO $320 $50,000
20:05 #03 Super 500 Day 1 $530 $500,000
20:05 #04 Super 100 Day 1 $109 $300,000
23:05 #04 Super 100 Day 1 $109 $300,000

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