Simon Beckmann Wins The 7-Max Weekender For $35,197

1 month ago

Germany’s Simon Beckmann helped himself to a massive $35,197 score after he came out on top of a 991-strong field in the $320 buy-in 7-Max Weekender. The bumper crowd ensure the $250,000 guarantee was first hit and then beaten by $49,700. Beckmann reeled in the lion’s share of that impressive sum.

The Weekender 7-Max Final Table Results

Place Player Country Bountie Prize Total prize
1 Simon Beckmann Germany $15,676 $19,521 $35,197
2 Simon Langer Austria $6,496 $19,490 $25,986
3 Ioannis Angelou Konstas Ireland $3,819 $13,089 $16,908
4 Yurii Senchylo Ukraine $6,383 $8,663 $15,046
5 Dominic Rickard United Kingdom $2,635 $5,758 $8,393
6 Brener Henrique Vicente Brazil $2,020 $4,378 $6,398
7 Jerry Odeen Sweden $750 $3,061 $3,811

The final day started with 147 players in contention for the title, but a steady flow of eliminations saw the seven-handed final table reached. The likes of Jonathan Proudfoot, Marty Mathis, our very own Jaime Staples, Christophe De Meulder, Roland Rokita, and Anton Wigg all fell short of the final table, Wigg busting in tenth place.

Wigg’s fellow Swede, Jerry Odeen, was the first of the seven finalists who crashed out. Odeen’s exit hand started with Dominic Rickard raising a shade of twice the big blind to 10,500,000 from early position, and Odeen call in the big blind. The flop fell , Odeen checked, Rickard bet 17,500,000 into the 27,875,000 pot before calling when Odeen check-raised all-in for 93,706,438. Odeen flipped over and was against Rickard’s . Rickard faded the flush and Odeen busted in seventh for $3,811 in total.

Brazil’s Brener Henrique Vicente was the next casualty. Simon Beckmann min-raised to 12,000,000 form early position with and Vicente three-bet to 26,700,000 from the next seat along with . Everyone folded back to Beckmann who jammed all-in, and Vicente called of the 94,671,924 chips he had behind. Beckmann improved to a flush courtesy of running diamonds on the turn and river. Vicente banked $6,398 with bounties included.

Fifth place and $8,393 went to Rickard who we lost to the biggest hand of the tournament so far. Simon Langer raised 12.5 big blinds, leaving himself only 2.5 big blinds behind; Langer made this play with . Rickard, on the button, shoved for 195,255,860 with only for Ioannis Angelou Konstas to wake up in the big blind with . Konstas called, as did Langer, and the board fell ]Kh] busting Rickard. Langer trebled up, and Konstas also added to his stack.

Start of the final table chip leader Yurii Senchylo ran out of luck and was eliminated in fourth, a finish good for $15,046, the tournament’s first five-figure prize. Senchylo lost a series of posts and was down to only two big blinds when his final hand took place. The Ukrainian found himself all-in on a flop with from the big blind, and ultimately lost to the of Langer.

The final three became two when Konstas bowed out. Konstas was down to less than eight big blinds after paying the big blind and was looking for a spot to commit his stack. That spot came up when Beckman min-raised to 16,000,000 with and Konstas ripped it in with . Beckmann spiked two pir on the board.

Langer held a 594,148,525 to 396,851,475 lead over Beckmann going into heads-up but Beckmann drew level almost immediately. The final hand saw Langer make a brave move and Beckmann make a fantastic call to become the champion.

Langer limped in on the button with and called when Beckmann raised to 35,000,000 with . The flop saw Beckmann fure a 23,925,000 continuation bet, which Langer called. Beckmann checked the turn, and called a 70,000,000 bet from Langer who held an open-ended straight draw. Beckmann checked the turn, and Langer moved all-in for 255,723,525, which was almost exactly a pot-sized bet. Beckmann went into the tank and called with ace-high to eliminate Langer in second place for $25,986, leaving Beckmann to bank the $35,197 top prize.

Recent MILLIONS Online KO Edition Champions

Event Buy-in Entrants Prize pool Champion Total Prize
#64 6-Max $109 393 $40,000 Potito Martire $5,219
#66 8-Max Turbo $162 213 $40,000 Leonardo Diesel $7,012
#67 8-Max $215 277 $55,400 Bertil Samuelsson $9,621
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Final Main Event Day 1s Take Place May 30

You only have two chances remaining to become the 2022 MILLIONS Online KO Edition Main Event and Mini Main Event champion. Day 1E of both events kicks off at 16:05 BST on May 30 with the turbo-structured flight shuffling up and dealing at 18:00 BST, also on May 30.

Day 2 kicks off at 20:30 BST and you can watch the entire final day’s action via our Twitch channel from 21:00 BST on a 30-minute delay. The best of luck to everyone vying to become a Main Event champion today.

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