McNicholas Claims PPC Malta KO Championship Title ($41,758)

7 months ago

British pro Euan McNicholas is a PPC Malta Online champion after the British star triumphed in the $320 buy-in PPC Malta Online #12-H Knockout Championship on March 28. Some 1,318 players bought in over the several Day 1s, and McNicholas outlasted them all to reel in a $41,758 score with bounties included.

McNicholas is a cash game grinder by trade but has increased his tournament volume. In July 2021, McNicholas won a £1,250 buy-in tournament in London, United Kingdom, for a career-best £165,800 ($226,437). Now he has a major online tournament victory to add to his long list of accomplishments.

PPC Malta Online #12-H Knockout Championship Final Table Results

Place Player Country Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 Euan McNicholas United Kingdom $16,121 $25,637 $41,758
2 Samuel Kabelitz Austria $8,698 $25,596 $34,294
3 Oliver Sprason United Kingdom $8,617 $16,907 $25,524
4 Fabian Gumz Austria $4,635 $10,928 $15,563
5 Anderson Machado Siqueira Brazil $2,222 $7,426 $9,648
6 Alex Kulev Ireland $3,803 $5,699 $9,502
7 Jonathan Skovsen Denmark $2,139 $4,168 $6,307
8 Akseli Paalanen Finland $1,191 $3,292 $4,483
9 Arkadiusz Pleskot Canada $2,268 $2,587 $4,855

Day 2 of this event started with 197 players returning to the partypoker virtual felt. Three members of Team partypoker were among the Day 2 starters, but none of them managed to navigate their way to the final table.

Jaime Staples busted in 168th, his brother Matthew fell in 146th, while Carl Froch was knocked out in 135th.

With bounties included, none of the nine finalists walked away with less than $4,483 for their $320 investment; the ninth-place finisher won slight more than the player crashing out in eighth due to the PKO structure of the tournament.

Arkadiusz Pleskot of Canada was the first of the nine players at the final table to head for the exits. Pleskot open-shoved for seven big blinds from middle position with and looked set to win the ample blinds and antes until Oliver Sprason called in the big blind with . The board ran to send Pleskot home with $4,855 in prize money.

Eighth place and $4,483 went to Akseli Paalanen of Finland. Paalanen pushed all-in for 11.5 big blinds with from late position, and Fabian Gumz looked him up from the button with the dominating . No help arrived for the Finn on the board, so it was game over.

Denmark’s Jonathan Skovsen collected $6,307 for his seventh-place finish. Skovsen looked down at in the big blind and decided to three-bet all-in for 4,477,688 after Anderson Machado Siqueira had opened to 1,200,000 with . Siqueira put in the calling chips and was rewarded with an eight on the river, sending his Danish opponent to the sidelines.

Cooler Hand For Kulev

The players went on a scheduled break shortly after Skovsen’s demise, and Alex Kulev only last a couple of hands after they returned. Sprason min-raised to 1,200,000 from under the gun, Kulev three-bet to 9,000,000 from the next seat along, leaving himself 8,811,998 behind. Sprason shoved, and Kulev called. It was for Sprason and for Kulev. A king-high board was no help for Kulev and he bowed out with $9,502 to show for his deep run.

The last four-figure prize, $9,648 to be exact, went to Siqueira when he crashed and burned in fifth place. Three players limped before Siqueira found himself all in for less than one big blind from the small blind. McNicholas checked in the big blind, meaning it was five-handed to the flop. The action checked to Sprason on the button and he fired a 1,156,853 bet, which McNicholas check-raised to 3,388,000. That check-raise folded out both Gumz and Samuel Kabelitz, but Sprason put in a raise of his own, setting the price to continue at 6,650,000, which McNicholas was not prepared to pay. Sprason showed for trip sixes, which had Siqueira’s crushed. The Brazilian paired his seven on the turn but the river bricked, and the final table lost another player.

Fourth-place and $15,563 went to Gumz during the 400,000/800,000/100,000a level. Gumz open-shoved for 6,850,012 from the small blind with and Kabelitz called from the big blind with . Kabelitz caught a king on the flop and it was enough to bust Gumz.

Kings Cracked In Monster Pot

Sprason was the clear chip leader going into three-handed play but he ultimately became the third-place finisher. McNicholas opened to 2,300,000 on the button with only for Kabelitz to three-bet all-in with from the small blind for his 70,791,402 stack. Sprason looked down at in the big blind, and he called off his 43,387,860 stack; McNicholas slunk away and watched the carnage from afar. An ace on the turn of the board busted Sprason in third, a finish worth $25,524.

That monster hand gave Kabelitz an 116,854,262 to 14,946,088 chip lead over McNicholas, or 116 big blinds to 15 big blinds. The writing looked on the wall for the British short-stack but he never gave up. McNichlas doubled when he flopped two pair against Kabelitz’s top pair, which gave him some breathing room.

McNicholas dropped down to ten big blinds again before his held against his opponents’ . The Brit clawed his way level before edging into the lead as the blinds increased to 700,000/1,400,000.

The final hand took place during the next blind level and saw McNicholas open to 3,200,000 with , Kabelitz three-bet to 11,520,000 with before calling all-in when McNicholas shoved on him. The five community cards ran , sending Kabelitz home in second place for $34,294, and leaving McNicholas to bank the $41,758 top prize and the title of champion.

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