Main Events Smash Their Guarantees as McLaren Turbo Series Concludes

3 months ago

The curtain came down on the inaugural McLaren Turbo Series on August 8 with the trio of Main Events blowing their guarantees out of the water, going to show that nobody knows how to party like a PartyPoker player. In total, the three McLaren Turbo Series Main Events paid out more than $443,000, rounding off the festival in spectacular style.

beny2021 Wins Main Event; Matt Staples Reached FT

The $215 buy-in $300,000 guaranteed McLaren Turbo Series Main Event saw 1,637 players buy in and create a $327,462 prize pool, with more than $45,500 going to the eventual champion “beny2021.”

Each of the nine finalists walked away with more than $3,400 for their efforts, which we’re sure you’ll agree is a healthy return. “bluff catcher” was the final table’s first casualty, busting in ninth for a combined prize of $3,467. Team PartyPoker’s Matt Staples‘ impressive deep run ended in an eighth-place finish worth $4,209.

“FEODAZ” may have finished in seventh place, but they still collected a larger overall prize than “Unbearable” in sixth and “Gauginho” in fifth. This was possible because FEODAZ eliminated 11 opponents before they busted, so they scooped $7,098 in total. For comparison, Unbearable banked $5,425 and Gauginho $6,681.

The remaining four players celebrated wildly, having guaranteed themselves a five-figure score, but the day belonged to ben2021. They were solely responsible for the exits of 22 players as they bulldozed their way to victory; beny2021 certainly has the skills to pay the bills.

“Brute Forss” crashed out in fourth for $14,623 before “JustWinBBer” fell in third for $15,596. That penultimate elimination left beny2021 heads-up against “JohnDaly,” and beny2021 claimed their 22nd scalp of the tournament to become a worthy champion. JohnDaly saw $21,508 make its way to their PartyPoker account, leaving beny2021 to reel in $45,531, $24,985 of which coming from the bounty prize pool.

McLaren Turbo Series Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Bounties Prize Total prize
1 beny2021 $24,985 $20,546 $45,531
2 JohnDaly $996 $20,512 $21,508
3 JustWinBBer $2,217 $13,379 $15,596
4 Brute Forss $5,902 $8,721 $14,623
5 Gauginho $768 $5,913 $6,681
6 Unbearable $910 $4,515 $5,425
7 FEODAZ $3,814 $3,284 $7,098
8 Matthew Staples $1,610 $2,599 $4,209
9 bluff catcher $1,612 $2,035 $3,467

U_..-s_-.- Takes Down Mini Main Event

Almost 5,200 players took to the PartyPoker virtual felt for the $22 buy-in $100,000 guarantee McLaren Turbo Series Mini Main Event, creating a $103,753 prize pool as a result.

All but one finalist, “Logovras” walked away with at least a four-figure score, they crashed out in ninth for $611. We have to give a shout-out to the balla that is “Lula_lah” who may have fallen in eighth, but still walked away with more prize money than the next two deepest players. Lula_lah eliminated 20 opponents before busting, meaning $944 worth of bounty payments were added to their main prize pool prize.

Eventually, after much grinding, “U_..-s_-.-“ found themselves heads-up against “DebilodeCall” in a one-on-one battle for the title and all the glory. The main prize pool awarded both stars more than $5,800, but the bounty payments were now worth almost as much. No deal was struck, so DebilodeCall collected $6,265 when they ran out of steam at the death. U_..-s_-.- emerged victoriously and headed into the night with a most impressive $11,030.

McLaren Turbo Series Mini Main Event Final Table Results


Place Player Bounties Prize Total prize
1 U_..-s_-.- $5,173 $5,857 $11,030
2 DebiloideCall $422 $5,843 $6,265
3 Jinxed-it16 $856 $3,654 $4,510
4 WillyKK $75 $2,429 $2,504
5 Spewzei eu sei $452 $1,636 $2,088
6 GustaFla $237 $1,183 $1,420
7 Huanchaco $191 $845 $1,036
8 Lula_lah $944 $655 $1,599
9 Logovras $90 $521 $611

Aristovo88 Outlasts Almost 12,000 Opponents

The McLaren Turbo Series Micro Main Event was anything but micro, with just shy of 12,000 players building an $11,988 prize pool almost 20% larger than the advertised $10,000 guarantee in the $3.30 buy-in affair.

Champion “Aristovo88” claimed the lion’s share of that ample pot, namely $1,216, the only four-figure prize of the event. Aristovo88 secured the title after sending “Marcio Barb” to the showers in second place, a finish worth $761, which for a $3.30 investment is not to be sniffed at.

McLaren Turbo Series Micro Main Event Final Table Results


Place Player Bounties Prize Total prize
1 Aristovo88 $518 $698 $1,216
2 Marcio Barb $64 $697 $761
3 Bankroller $43 $442 $485
4 Nomat7 $97 $292 $389
5 CLAAKBOOM $24 $197 $221
6 FantOmas7888 $85 $146 $231
7 FooFighter22 $118 $105 $223
8 Barny156 $59 $84 $143
9 Lion nebro $41 $65 $106

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