How Much of the Grand Prix KO Summer Edition Main Event’s $500K Will You Win?

3 months ago

The Grand Prix KO Summer Edition Main Event, and its mini equivalent, are in full swing with hundreds of PartyPoker players already punched their Day 2 tickets. Now it’s time to put your skills to the test and see how much of the whopping $500,000 guaranteed prize pool you can get your hands on. It is your time to shine.

Although there are plenty of Days 1s running up to and including August 29, you don’t want to leave entering the Grand Prix KO Summer Edition Main Event until the last minute. Why? Because you want to give yourself the best chance of building a massive stack that will be the envy of your foes! If your silky skills help you progress to Day 2, but you aren’t happy with your stack, simply jump into another Day 1 and try again; there’s always room for improvement, even when you are already a true balla. Should you navigate your way to Day 2 more than once, only your largest stack goes through.

There are six Grand Prix KO Summer Edition Main Event Day 1s every day, running every couple of hours from 14:30 BST. We know our players love to get their grind on at the weekends, so there is an additional flight at 12:30 BST on Saturday and Sunday. Don’t overdo the partying on Friday, so you’re fresh for the weekend battles!

Each Day 1 ends when only 15% of the field remains, with those 15% bagging and tagging only to return to their seats on August 29. The completed Day 1s so far are taking around three hours to conclude, meaning you could easily play a few each night and still get plenty of beauty sleep, not that you need it, you gorgeous people!

Grand Prix KO Summer Edition Main Events Schedule

Event Buy-in Time (BST)
#05 Main Event: $500K Gtd $109 14:30, 16:30, 18:30, 20:30, 22:30, 00:00
#06 Mini Main Event: $100K Gtd $11 12:30, 14:30, 16:30, 18:30, 20:30, 22:30, 00:00

Don’t worry if the $109 buy-in is outside the constraints of your bankroll because there are more satellites than you can shake a stick it, and they run all day long. The satellites start with the ridiculously good value $0.01 centrolls and build into $2.20 buy-in Sub Feeders, and $16.50 Feeders where $109 Main Event seats are waiting for you to grab with both hands.

It’s worthwhile trying to secure yourself several seats in case you wish to use a re-entry on your chosen flight or enter other Day 1s as you start your quest for Grand Prix KO Summer Edition glory.

Those of you who are stuck for time may want to head over to the SPINS section and jumping into the $10 buy-in Grand Prix KO Summer Edition SPINS. These pay out $20 in cash or Grand Prix KO tickets ranging from $33 up to $320. SPINS are over in a matter of minutes thanks to their exciting and frantic nature, making them perfect for players who are clock watching.

Grand Prix KO Summer Edition SPINS

Multiplier 1st prize Frequency in 1M Games
2 $20 cash 653,442
3.3 $33 Grand Prix KO ticket 252,308
5.5 $55 Grand Prix KO ticket 75,000
10.9 $109 Grand Prix KO ticket 15,000
21.5 $215 Grand Prix KO ticket 3,000
32 $320 Grand Prix KO ticket 1,250

Reigning Champion Took Home $51,356

Argentina’s Augusto Hagen is the reigning Main Event champion having bulldozed his way to the Winter edition earlier this year. Hagen saw his $109 investment swell to celebration-inducing $51,356 thank, in part, to banking more than $18,132 worth of bounties along the way. Nobody could handle Hagen, will they be able to handle your moves? There’s only one way to find out.

Place Player Country Bounties Prize
1 Augusto Hagen Argentina $18,132 $33,224
2 Adam Jakobsen Denmark $3,604 $33,159
3 Christian Achhammer Germany $3,741 $20,724
4 Ramon Kropmanns Brazil $6,480 $13,773
5 Maksim Kostin Russia $589 $9,276
6 Lucas Rocha Brazil $1,751 $6,702
7 Anatoliy Byakhov Russia $1,054 $4,785
8 Vinicius Amin Brazil $2,252 $3,710
9 AlexanderJensen Denmark $2,822 $2,950

Grand Prix KO Summer Edition Schedule

It is not only the Grand Prix KO Summer Edition Main Event and Mini Main Events that deserve your attention because the schedule is brimming with action and dripping in value.

The $320 buy-in 7-Max High Roller, $55 buy-in Super 50, and the $5.50 buy-in Super 5 have already started and are waiting for you to enter the fray and show the online poker world what you can do.

Event Buy-in Guarantee Dates
#03 6-Max Championship $215 $200,000 Aug 11-18
#04 Mini 6-Max Championship $22 $75,000 Aug 11-18
#05 Main Event $109 $500,000 Aug 11-29
#06 Mini Main Event $11 $100,000 Aug 11-29
#07 7-Max High Roller $320 $250,000 Aug 13-22
#08 Super 50 $55 $150,000 Aug 15-22
#09 Super 5 $5.50 $30,000 Aug 15-22
#10 7-Max Championship $215 $200,000 Aug 18-25
#11 Mini 7-Max Championship $22 $75,000 Aug 19-25
#12 6-Max High Roller $320 $200,000 Aug 22-29
#13 Closer $33 $100,000 Aug 22-29
#14 Mini Opener $3.30 $20,000 Aug 23-29

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