3 years ago ● Heidi Hilson

Imagine just finishing university, being completely overdrawn (not a bean to your name) and going into your Partypoker account to find your last 5 pence.... along with a $22 ticket. It gets to the last day before the expiry of the $22 ticket so you decide to register for a satellite at the weekend for the upcoming Grand Prix at Dusk Till Dawn. You have been made aware that all the people who make Day 2 will be in the money so you don't need to worry about expenses so you go ahead and play the Satty on the Sunday and BINK!! Now I must admit I was a little annoyed because I was autoregesitered to the next available Day 1 and I had friends standing waiting at my door for me to head out but that soon went away when I was hoovering up chips that like they were going out of fashion. Made Day 2 and got paid out the min cash and in the end I went down to Nottingham and finished 88th for $700. It may only be $700 but I can assure you that at this moment of time it is a big score! Oh and to top it off I got some free merch.