2 years ago ● Heidi Hilson


On June 17, 2019, partypoker made changes to its poker software, the start of our mission to make partypoker a safe, fair and honest place to play. I would like to be clear on a few points of the changes:

#1 HUDs

We banned the use of “HUDs” (Heads-up Displays) and also stopped your opponents from downloading your hand histories into databases and software to analyse your play, or to sell or swap your hand histories with other players to gain an advantage against you. Here is an image of a player using a HUD in play:




We also asked you to select a new partypoker alias upon log-in so that the databases that hold your hand histories and the software that analyses your play is of no further use against you. Here is an image of a player being analysed by software:



We understand that you may want to review your own play and since you can no longer download your hand histories, we will work with players to improve MyGame, letting you review your own hands, stats and results.

Here is the MyGame tab in the partypoker lobby, and game analysis:


We invested heavily in our Game Integrity before making these changes. It wouldn’t be smart to inform bot users, cheats and angle-shooters of our plans, but I will personally be open and transparent on our results and KPIs.


We have over 50 more improvements in progress to make partypoker fairer. You can keep up to date on these improvements, express your views and suggest ideas via my @rob_yong_ Twitter account.

Keep the faith.

Rob Yong