Dalibor Dula Reels in $15.8K PPC Score As Series Kicks Off

7 months ago

The online portion of the partypoker Players Championship (PPC) Malta festival is underway and more than a dozen of our players have already earned the right to call themselves PPC champions. Dalibor Dula is one such player, he walked away with the largest prize of the series so far courtesy of taking down the $109 buy-in Opener.

The $109 High edition of the Opener drew in a 949 strong crowd who helped smash the $75,000 guarantee by some $19,900. Those who made it to Day 2, of whom there were 140 partypoker players, all won a slice of that pie. A min-cash weighed in at $219 with each of the nine finalists turning their $109 investment into at least a four-figure score.

Hasse Evans of Denmark was the first finalist to bow out: they collected $1,302. Martin Mulsow ($1,644), Alexander Selensky ($2,068), and Matheus De Abrantes ($2,616) joined Evans on the sidelines, their role relegated to that of a spectator.

The pay jumps continued increasing with each elimination so nobody wanted to bust. Unfortunately, the nature of poker tournaments means all but one person falls by the wayside at some point. Oliver Sprason of the United Kingdom was the next of those people. His fifth place finish came with a $3,379 payday.

Fourth-place and $4,919 went to Valerii Daticuk before Benjamin McMenemey crashed out in third for $7,514, which sent the event into the heads-up stages. Here, Caio Riserio and Dalibor Duda locked horns in a one-on-one battle where there was a $5,000 difference between first and second-place prize money. This meant Riserio walked away with $10,849 when he fell at the final hurdle, leaving Dula to bank an impressive $15,849 for his impressive victory.

PPC Malta #01-H Opener Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Dalibor Dula Czech Republic $15,849
2 Caio Riserio Brazil $10,849
3 Benjamin McMenemey United Kingdom $7,514
4 Valerii Datciuk Ukraine $4,919
5 Oliver Sprason United Kingdom $3,379
6 Matheus De Abrantes Brazil $2,616
7 Alexander Selensky Germany $2,068
8 Martin Mulsow Austria $1,644
9 Hasse Evans Denmark $1,302

Van Dam Fights His Way To Glory

The Medium Open cost $22 to enter and 2,429 players paid that sum to be in with a chance of becoming a PPC Malta champion. Only 356 of those starters made it through to Day 2, and Zidane Van Dam outlasted them all to not only become a poker champion but to also reel in a $7,507 score for his $22 investment.

All but three of the nine finalists walked away with four-figure prizes for their efforts. Brazilian duo Marcelo Augusto ($571) and Humberto Pucca ($732) were joined on the rail by Danish grinder Claus Sorensen ($924).

The United Kingdom’s sole representative at the final table, Daniel Rice, saw his tournament end abruptly in sixth place, a finish good for $1,194. Guilherme Augusto ($1,567) and Adam Houdek ($2,304) were the nex to fall before Ukraine’s Vladyslav Holenko ($3,476) crashed by the wayside, leaving Van Dam heads-up against Germany’s Sebastian Kaling, Van Dam knocked his opponent out to claim the $7,507 top prize, resigning Kaling to the $5,096 runner-up score.

PPC Malta #01-M Opener Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Zidane Van Dam Austria $7,507
2 Sebastian Kaling Germany $5,096
3 Vladyslav Holenko Ukraine $3,476
4 Adam Houdek Czech Republic $2,304
5 Guilherme Augusto Brazil $1,567
6 Daniel Rice United Kingdom $1,194
7 Claus Sorensen Denmark $924
8 Humberto Pucca Brazil $732
9 Marcelo Augusto Brazil $571

Other PPC Malta Winners

Check out this list of PPC Malta champions and the fantastic cash prizes they got their hands on. The tournaments have proven to be exceptional value and we cannot wait to crown even more champions as the series progresses.

Head to the partypoker Players Championship tab in the tournament lobby where you can feast your eyes on all the upcoming events and their cut-price satellites.

Event Entrants Prize pool Player Prize
#05-H $109 6-Max PKO 188 $20,000 Jonas Degen $4,416*
#05-M $11 6-Max PKO 595 $10,000 Daniel Petersen $1,271*
#05-L $2.20 6-Max PKO 400 $2,000 Rodrigo Neri $285*
#06-H $55 6-Max PKO 481 $30,000 Christian Tarazi $4,465*
#06-M $5.50 6-Max PKO 939 $7,500 Emiliyan Andreev $946*
#06-L $1.10 6-Max PKO 539 $1,500 Maxim Danilchuk $205*
#07-H $55 6-Max Turbo Deepstack 308 $15,400 Konstantinos Misailidis $2,575
#07-L $1.10 6-Max Turbo Deepstack 304 $500 Maksym Nikulov $84
#08-H $109 7-Max Deepstack 197 $20,000 Guy Perry $3,515
#08-M $11 7-Max Deepstack 793 $10,000 Ryan Vibert $1,535
#08-L $2.20 7-Max Deepstack 510 $1,500 Guilherme Peixoto $239
#09-H $109 7-Max PKO 332 $40,000 Jason Toth $5,705*
#09-M $11 7-Max PKO 948 $15,000 Lauren Mark $1,750*
#09-L $2.20 7-Max PKO 775 $2,500 Viktor Frank $327*
#10-H $55 Mix-Max Turbo PKO 317 $20,000 Connor Charlton $3,152*
#10-M $5.50 Mix-Max Turbo PKO 631 $5,000 William Borsato $695*
#10-L $1.10 Mix-Max Turbo PKO 365 $750 Tantelinantenaina Rakoto $112*
#11-H $109 8-Max PKO 549 $54,900 Victor E Silva $9,154*
#11-M $11 8-Max PKO 1,606 $20,000 Gabriel De Camargos $2,331*
#11-L $2.20 8-Max PKO 718 $2,000 Bong Kosol $318*
#13-H $215 7-Max Turbo PKO 143 $30,000 Demetris Marangos $6,939*
#13-M $22 7-Max Turbo PKO 734 $20,000 Michael Johnson $2,463*
#13-L $2.20 7-Max Turbo PKO 493 $2,500 Stefan Stroffek $370*

*includes bounty payments

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