Boianovsky Becomes the Inaugural MILLIONS Online KO Edition Main Event Champion

1 month ago

Felipe Boianovsky is on cloud nine today thanks to the Brazilian star leaving 1,248 opponents in his wake to become the inaugural MILLIONS Online KO Edition Main Event champion. Not only does Boianovsky receive a ton of kudos and respect from his peers but he also pads his bankroll with an impressive $150,163 with bounty payments included.

MILLIONS Online KO Edition Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Country Total prize
1 Felipe Boianovsky Brazil $150,163
2 Ignas Vitulionis Ireland $89,199
3 Christopher Frank Austria $70,416
4 Akseli Paalanen Finland $48,637
5 Patrick Leonard United Kingdom $41,140
6 Matthias Lipp Malta $24,243
7 Patrick Hyllegaard Denmark $20,690
8 Boris Angelov Bulgaria $12,681

Total prize includes bounty payments

Boris Angelov sat down at the final table as the shortest stack and was the first player heading for the exits. Angelov can count himself extremely unlucky with how his tournament ended. With blinds of 1,500,000/3,000,000/375,000a, Angelov min-raised from early position with and must have thought a double-up was on the cards. It may have well been had Christopher Frank not woken up with in the next seat along. Frank three-bet to 19,500,000 and called for a handful more chips when Angelov four-bet all-in. Two other players had folded kings so Angelov was drawing thin. He was drawing dead when Frank flopped a set.

Boianovsky Claims His First Bounty of the Tournament

Patrick Hyllegaard crashed out during the next blind level. He raised half of his 14 big blind stack from under the gun with and quickly called when Boianovsky three-bet enough to set Hyllegaard all-in from the seat to the Dane’s immediate left. Boianovsky flipped over the superior . The five community cards ran out without any drama and the final table was down to six players.

Those six became five with the demise of Malta’s Matthias Lipp, who busted on the hand after Hyllegaard crashed out. Team partypoker’s Patrick Leonard opened to 7,350,000 under the gun with and made the call when Lipp ripped in his 123,199,591 stack from the small blind with . Leonard’s hand held and Lipp fell by the wayside.

Cruel Hand Busts Leonard

Leonard was the next player to bust despite winning that sizeable pot from Lipp, although his exit did come an hour after the previous elimination. Leonard busted in a battle of the blinds with Boianovsky. With blinds of 2,500,000/5,000,000/625,000a, Boianovsky opened to 17,500,000 from the small blind with , and Leonard responded by three-betting to 45,000,000 with . Boianovsky set Leonard all-in for the 181,326,294 chips he had behind and was called. A deuce on the flop of the board resigned Leonard to a fifth place finish worth a total of $41,140.

Boianovsky was already the chip leader before busting Leonard but was now way out in the lead, holding more than twice as many chips as his last three opponents combined.

Akseli Paalanen must have done something to upset the Poker Gods because he lost half his stack when Ignas Vitulionis‘s ace-four cracked his aces. Paalanen committed the rest of his now short stack shortly after and didn’t get there.

Boianovsky Running Away With It

Heads-up was set when start-of-the-day chip leader Frank was eliminated in third. Frank min-raise to 16,000,000 on the button with , and Boianovsky defended his big blind with the . The flop fell and both players checked. The turn saw Boianovsky lead for 25,600,000 and Frank called. Boianovsky set Frank all in for his last 67,948,982 chips on the turn and Frank decided his ace was good; it was not. Game over for Frank.

Boianovsky had a three-to-one chip lead going into the heads-up battle with Vitulionis and it proved a gap too far to bridge for the man trailing. The final hand saw Boianovsky move all-in with and Vitulionis call off his 13 big blind stack with . By the river, the board read , busting Vitulionis in second place and leaving Boianovsky to become the tournament’s champion, an accolade that came with $150,163 in prize money.

Rigos Reels In Mini Main Event Title

It was a Brazilian champion in the MILLIONS Online KO Edition Mini Main event too after Lucas Roberto Rigos came out on top of a stacked final table to become a partypoker champion and to receive $55,059 for his $109 investment.

The top five finishers each scooped five-figure prizes. Dotun Lawal collected $13,507, talented Slovenia Blaz Zerjav banked $18,462, and third-place finisher Vitor Rangel walked away with $24,26.

Rigos then got the job done heads-up against the in-form Alex Kulev, resigning Kulev to a $36,283 consolation prize and reeling in the title and $55,059.

MILLIONS Online KO Edition Mini Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Country Total prize
1 Lucas Roberto Rigos Brazil $55,059
2 Alex Kulev Ireland $36,283
3 Vitor Rangel Brazil $24,236
4 Blaz Zerjav Slovenia $18,462
5 Dotun Lawal United Kingdom $13,507
6 Graham Clarkson United Kingdom $7,719
7 Alessandro Siena Malta $5,956
8 Jorge De Mattos Brazil $5,952
9 Joseph Maczka United Kingdom $4,746

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