A Love Letter to Dusk Till Dawn from Natalia Breviglieri

4 years ago ● Rob Godmon

The first time I went to Dusk Till Dawn was back in 2010. I’m pretty sure it was to play either a £25 or a £30 competition. They used to have multiple level buy-ins on the same night, so my friends would go and they would play the bigger buy-ins, while I would play the very small £25 to £30 buy-ins. That would be me sorted for the night! But it was great fun and obviously, that’s where poker really started for me.



Dusk Till Dawn has been the place where I’ve felt I’ve grown up most as a player. One of the reasons I love Dusk Till Dawn is that there really is something for everyone. Currently, they have the weekly £15 Academy event, all the way up to the 1 Day £1,000 buy-in events. The Academy is for complete beginners to get some experience on the felt, all the way through to the more experienced player that can afford the bigger buy-ins.


Dusk Till Dawn are always trialing different structures, different ways to play, like we now have this button ante that was introduced at Dusk Till Dawn. This week, for example, they’re about to do for the first time a progressive knockout tournament, a live progressive knockout tournament!



It is crazy but they are experimenting, they are trying to give players what they want and trying to keep the fun in the game, not let it dry up. Really they want to keep it a fun experience. They are always trialing new things, which I think is really really important in poker. The progressive knockouts are great online but to try and implement that live, I think it’s very brave and hats off to them for trying.


I think it’s going to keep people coming through the door all the time, it’s very exciting, I know it definitely excited me. They always have huge guarantees, which continuously drives footfall through the door. Also, if the tournament doesn’t go your way there’s always a lot of cash tables available. There’s plenty of opportunities to win your money back!


The best thing for me about Dusk Till Dawn is that it doesn’t just have a community feel, it really is a community. A community that’s just grown and grown over the years. Everyone feels welcome, everybody knows each other. Even if you’ve just been once, the next time you go someone will recognise you. They will say 'Hi', whether its staff, players or dealers. The whole club has a friendly, family feel to it.




Even just talking about it, it makes you feel good! I’ve got so many good memories there, so many friends that I’ve made from there. People just don’t leave; I mean there’s so many staff that have been there since the day I first went in so it's got to be a brilliant place to work as well. 


Dusk Till Dawn doesn’t feel like a disjointed casino or anything, it is a big community and it’s great! Everybody’s very active together on social media, they will all have nights out or trips to different live events in the world. You’ll get a group of people going from Dusk Till Dawn together, which is amazing. It’s really become everybody’s sort of hub and for me it's been where I’ve grown up. It’s been my go-to venue and I think we’d all be in a very different place without it.


That's why I love Dusk Till Dawn!


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