Rail other players and provide your own real-time updates

Feed is an opportunity for players to tell their fans about their progress at a partypoker LIVE tournament, and for fans to get even more excitement by following their favourite players.

Every partypoker LIVE tournament will feature Feed, a revolutionary new way to follow your favourite poker players.

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Personal updates

Whether you’re following a friend or a Team partypoker Pro to victory, you can tune in to more personal updates on their progress with Feed.

These updates will then be front and centre of the live coverage supplied by the partypoker LIVE reporting team. You’ll be able to follow your favourite player’s stream and rail their every move at the table.

Reach out to your followers

If you’re a partypoker player, then you’ll be able to reach out to more fans than ever at every tournament. From live updates of specific hands to entertaining recaps of your day’s progress, every partypoker player will be able to update their poker fanbase by updating Feed and attract more fans than ever.

Get started today!

Whether you’re a superfan looking to get to know your favourite player more than ever or a player looking to reach more fans than is possible elsewhere, Feed is the new place to be during partypoker LIVE tournaments!

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