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With partypoker LIVE MILLIONS events and other partypoker LIVE tournaments taking place across the world and around the clock, this is the only place you can follow the action as it happens!

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We go further than anyone in poker to provide you with a rail-seat at all our live events, whether you’re at the venue or at home. From the innovative Feed personalisation of players to exclusive interviews only available via partypoker LIVE, our live reporting cuts straight to the action and put you in the box seat for every game.

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Every partypoker LIVE event is built around bringing fans and players closer to the action than ever before. Look out for Team partypoker players such as Sam Trickett and Roberto Romanello providing strategy advice for your development and speaking to us from the venues as we tour them.

Follow the action as it happens

At every partypoker LIVE event, you can expect us to bring you news of:

  • Live updates and chip counts
  • Live, personally-tailored updates on the action via Feed
  • Live streamed coverage of all the most important days of major events
  • Exclusive interviews only available via partypoker LIVE

Everything a poker player needs, all in one place.

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