2 years ago ● Tom Edson

"Where do I begin? I was lucky enough to receive a free ticket to a satellite worth 500$ from a twitter promotion ran by Simon Trumper.

This was so much pressure as I normally play low to mid stakes MTTs. I managed to win an entry package which included the 5k buyin and a 500$ spending money!! MILLIONS Germany here I come come!!! What a dream!!

I couldn't sleep for days!! I booked the flights and hotel transfer! When I arrived at the Kings Resort I felt like I was in Vegas! I just wasn't expecting such a beautiful venue ! (I have pictures of the arrival and videos) I decided not to play the same day I landed and I registered for Day 1C Table 82 Seat 07(still have the ticket).

I played all day long and managed to sit next to Phillip Gruissem and Vladimir Troyanovskiy. The hand that changed everything for me was A3 of hearts. I made an open bet of 20k and was called by the big blind. Flop was J(h) 9(H) 3(S) I lead out and was called.

Turn 6(clubs). I checked he bet 175k! I called for the river! A(c) I checked and he went all in!!!

I tanked for so long as 5000 buy in was a huge decision! I was confused. He called the clock and I have to call I had a little less than 500k left and had to make the call hoping he had a missed draw.

He showed 7-8(h) missed draw. There were over 1200 in the tournament and winning that hand put me the position to finish in 72nd place. Close to 13k profit!! What an event! The time of my life. I Have pictures of the event and hands I was also in Day 1C blog! Its a great story that I still talk to people about today!"