Joint Instruction Form

partypoker LIVE enables Players and Backers to settle payouts using the cash desk at tournaments to payout the correct amounts to each party. This makes the process of backing players safer and easier, and reduces post tournament admin. Please download our form, and read the Important Information below the download button.

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Important Information

  • Definitions:
    • Player – the player who is taking part in the poker tournament
    • Backer – the person / s who has an agreed percentage share of the Player’s winnings owed
  • Please download and complete this form to register as a backed Player in a partypoker LIVE event.
  • This Joint Instruction form enables partypoker LIVE to correctly handle payouts at the event, ensuring the correct percentage of money is paid to the Backer, and the correct share is paid out to the Player. It does not constitute a contract between partypoker Live and the Player or Backer
  • Either a Player, or a Backer can fill in this form, but it must be signed by both parties.
    • In the event of more than one Backer having staked the Player, all parties can sign the form, or the other Backers can nominate a Backer to sign on their behalf.
    • In the event of more than one Player being backed by one or more Backers, please complete one form per Player.
  • By completing and signing this form the Player agrees:
    • That they are playing with the agreement that any winnings will be shared with the Backer / s as detailed on this form.
    • That they agree that any winnings owed to Backers will be paid directly to Backers upon payout as per the agreed percentage share on this form
    • They agree, as per partypoker LIVE standard rules that any Player payout share will be paid back to the source of buy in. Eg: If Player buys in via their partypoker account, the Player’s payout share will be paid back to their partypoker account. Please see partypoker LIVE terms and conditions for full information about payout methods and limits
    • That they are responsible for ensuring the form is accurately completed
  • By completing and signing this form the Backer agrees:
    • That they are owed the share of the Player’s winnings indicated on the form
    • That they are responsible for ensuring the form is accurately completed
  • partypoker LIVE has no responsibility for checking the accuracy of the form, we will simply pay out as indicated on this form
  • Players and Backers may physically print out the form and sign it, or complete it electronically and submit by email to
    • Forms submitted by email, must contain “reply” agreements from the Player and the nominated Backer.
  • partypoker LIVE and / or partypoker has no stake in the Player or the Backer and is simply acting to pay out the Player and Backer as per the details agreed on this Joint Instruction Form.
  • Players and Backers playing partypoker LIVE events are under no obligation to complete this Joint Instruction form unless they wish partypoker LIVE to facilitate the payment share agreed between the parties.