25th Sep - 2nd Oct 2018 R$8,020,000 GTD ($1,944,572 GTD)


Relax while you’re away from the tables in your exclusive My partypoker LIVE lounge. It’s your dedicated members-only area where you can enjoy complimentary snacks and refreshments in between all the action.

The lounge at the WSOP Circuit Rio de Janeiro at Copacabana Palace Hotel is open from Tuesday 25th September to Tuesday 2nd October from 12pm – 1am.

Come along and see us.


You can take advantage of some great deals negotiated for you during your stay in Rio:

These deals will be available to you from the lounge with your membership card. You are free to attend any activities at your own leisure. For more information visit the MyLounge during the event.

Visit MyLounge, located in the Blue Room of Copacabana Palace Hotel, with your My partypoker LIVE app logged in to collect your membership card with food and beverage vouchers and enjoy all these benefits. Your MyMembership card will guarantee you access to the lounge during the event and beneficiate your offers and deals.


You’re also invited to our exclusive MyParty taking place at the Copacabana Palace Hotel on Sunday 30th september starting at 9pm to 2am.

Complimentary food and beverages as well as entertainments and DJ.

More information coming soon!

Players must be My partypoker LIVE members to attend the party, with a valid MyMembership card. For More info, visit the MyLounge during the event, or email