WPTDeepStacks Sochi

WPTDeepStacks Sochi

6th - 14th Aug 2021

WPTDeepStacks Sochi - Terms and Conditions


  • The event dates, schedule and structure are subject to change.
  • The Tournament Director(s) can make amendments to tournaments at their discretion.
  • All tournaments in this festival are unlimited re-entry. Players can have multiple entries per flight.
  • For an event to start, the tournament must have 15 players registered.
  • Day two stacks are non-transferable and will be in play from the start of day two.
  • Final Table deals are permitted at the tournament director’s discretion. 10% of the remaining prize pool must be left for the winner.
  • Once the tournament reaches a Heads-Up situation, the levels will reduce to a maximum of 30 minutes per level.
  • Players that register after a tournament starts will receive a full starting stack.


  • Cash exchange rates are set by the venue and are not under the control of partypoker LIVE.
  • All buy-ins are in Russian Rubles & Casino Units (1 c.u. = 70 rub).
  • Due to host requirements at this event, we are unable to provide buy-ins via account, including T$. You can only buy-in with cash.


  • 5% of every prize pool will be withheld for tournament staff, marketing and operational costs (3% Main Event and High Roller).
  • Guaranteed events are paid out after deducting the withheld costs of the prize pool.
  • Example pay-outs are based on the guarantee of the tournament. If this is surpassed, the pay-out will be altered accordingly. We also reserve the right to alter the pay-out structure at our discretion.
  • Due to host requirements at this event, we are unable to provide payouts via account. You can only receive prizes with cash. 

Live Satellites                                                   

  • Players can win any amount of live satellites but must use multiple seats for re-entry where possible.
  • Satellite winners must play the event from the beginning, or immediately after the winning (if the event has already started).
  • Seats won in live satellites must be used for that specific event and day.
  • Satellite winners must play the target day from the beginning.
  • Seats are non-transferable to other players.
  • There are no refunds or cash alternatives available if a player is unable to play the event.
  • If a player has already progressed to the next day and wins another satellite ticket it must still be used on the target day in the attempt to progress with a higher stack.