WPTDeepStacks Sochi

WPTDeepStacks Sochi

6th - 14th Aug 2021

Frequently Asked Questions


How much is entry?

Players can buy in direct to Day 1 or 2 of the Main Event for 1700 C.U (1C.U = 70 rubles). There are also many live satellites available.

Can I buy-in with my partypoker account at this event?

No. Due to host requirements at this event, we are unable to provide buy-ins via account including T$. You can only buy-in with cash.

If I’m eliminated from a Day 1 can I enter another Day 1 on the following day?

Yes. You can play as many Day 1s as you wish.

Can I re-enter a Day 1 on the same day if I’m eliminated?

Yes. You can have unlimited re-entries per Day 1 before the end of the late registration period.

What happens if I have multiple stacks going into Day 2?

Players that have qualified to day 2 may enter another Day 1 to build a bigger stack. If they get through to Day 2 a second time, their biggest stack will be put into play and their smaller stack will forfeit.

For The Opener, everybody that qualifies for Day 2 receives a minimum cash prize. If a player progresses to Day 2 in the opener multiple times, their biggest stack will be put into play and they will receive a minimum cash for any subsequent stacks.

How many chips will I receive for buying into Day 1 directly?

Players who buy into Day 1 will receive 30,000 chips.

Can I buy into day 2 directly?

Yes, late registration finishes before the start of Level 5 on Day 2. 


Are deals permitted?

Final Table deals are permitted at the tournament director’s discretion. 10% must be left for the winner.

Who can I contact for help?

If you have any further questions please feel free to get in touch by emailing support@mypartypokerlive.com

Live satellites

Are there any specific satellites for this event?

There are specific live satellites for this event. 

Can I win multiple seats via satellites?

Yes, players may attempt to win as many seats as they like.

What happens if I don’t use all of my seats?

For all tournaments: if a player wins multiple seats for a single flight, they must attempt to use all the seats. If they are eliminated and still have a seat left for that specific flight, it must be used as a re-entry.

Online satellites

Are there any satellites for this tournament?

Yes, there are online satellites for the tournament.

Can I win multiple tickets via satellites?

Yes. You can win as many tickets as you like.

What happens if I don't use all my tickets?

If you have additional tickets left, you have been eliminated from the target tournament and late registration is still open, you must use re-entry tickets for re-entry. If you have any unused tickets, you can use them for future events of partypoker LIVE in Sochi.

If I have won tickets in both the online satellite and the live satellite, which ticket should I use first?

First you must use the ticket from the online satellite.

Tournament dollars

Can I buy in with tournament dollars at this festival?

No, you can only buy-in with cash.


Considering the new antiCovid measures in the Krasnodar Territory, what do I need to check into hotels from August 1?

You will need one of the following documents:

  • Certificate of vaccination against coronavirus;
  • Certificate from the hospital confirming that you have had covid disease in the last 6 months;
  • Negative PCR test (passed in 72 hours) and a certificate stating that vaccination is contraindicated for you for medical reasons;
  • Negative PCR test (passed in 72 hours) and the obligation to deliver the vaccine within the next three days

Can a foreign citizen who has been vaccinated check into a hotel in the Krasnodar Territory?

Yes, even if he is vaccinated not only with Russian vaccines (Sputnik V, EpiVacCorona, KoviVak, Sputnik Light). All foreign vaccines will suffice (Pfizer / BioNTech, AstraZeneca, Moderna, CoronaVac, Sinopharm, Johnson & Johnson). Players must have documented proof that they have received a vaccine. The document confirming vaccination must either be in Russian or have a translation into Russian.

Citizens of which countries can enter Russia?

At the moment, entry with a visa is open to citizens of the following countries: Great Britain, Tanzania, Switzerland, Egypt, Japan, India, Vietnam, Finland, Ethiopia, Singapore, Greece, Germany, Syria, Sri Lanka, Iceland, Malta, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Turkey, UAE, Austria, Hungary, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Croatia, Mauritius, Morocco, Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria, Ireland, Jordan, China, Cyprus, Liechtenstein, North Macedonia, USA.

List of countries whose citizens are allowed to enter the Russian Federation without visa: Abkhazia (up to 90 days), South Ossetia, Belarus, South Korea (up to 60 days), Serbia (up to 30 days), Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Republic of Maldives (up to 90 days), Cuba (up to 90 days within 180 days), Qatar (up to 90 days within 180 days), Seychelles (up to 30 days), Venezuela (yes, up to 90 days within 180 days) , Tajikistan, Uzbekistan.