WPTDeepStacks Marrakech

WPTDeepStacks Marrakech

14th - 22nd Sep 2019

Our new and exclusive partypoker LIVE Pop-Up area is making its debut at WPTDeepStacks Marrakesh from 14th – 22nd September.

Visit us to learn more about MyMembership offers including Poker Room Perks and onsite Freerolls!

Live Freeroll taking place daily on partypoker.com
10 Minute game, 10 players maximum with 6 players required to start
The winner will receive a limited edition hoody
Play with your own device or one of the partypoker LIVE iPads Must own a partypoker.com account to take part, please visit the MyMembership team to register with the password 15 minutes before the freeroll starts. 

Limited Edition merchandise
Available to purchase at the partypoker LIVE Pop-Up using partypoker funds, accounts must also be linked to a partypoker LIVE account

Massage Vouchers
Collect a free voucher to use on a massage in the poker room

Can you beat the clock?
The clock starts and each player has 5 minutes to complete a Rubiks Cube or Maze Ball The first player to complete will be deemed the winner and receive:

partypoker.fr or .es Network accounts

€11 Powerfest Ticket

partypoker.com Network accounts

$11 partypoker Sportsbook free bet

No cash alternatives. Clock holder makes final decision. All players of the competition must have a partypoker account to be eligible.

Combo Challenge: Darts and Football Juggling
Running each day from the opening time of the partypoker LIVE Pop Up and the end of the dinner break or last break in the Main Event, who will score highest? Cumulate both scores from Darts and football kick ups to win:


3x €109 Powerfest Ticket for partypoker.fr or .es account holders


3 x $109 partypoker LIVE satellite ticket for partypoker.com account holders

Runner Up

2x €109 Powerfest Ticket for partypoker.fr or .es account holders


2x $109 partypoker LIVE satellite for partypoker.com account holders

3rd Place

€109 Powerfest Ticket for partypoker.fr or .es account holders


$109 partypoker LIVE satellite ticket for partypoker.com account holders

Score a treble

€11 Powerfest Ticket for partypoker.fr or .es account holders


$11 Sports book Bet for partypoker.com account holders

Terms and Conditions apply: 

  • Maximum of 6 tickets will be awarded daily
  • Players are allowed a maximum of two attempts at both games daily
  • If players have the same amount of points, prizes will be distributed evenly among the highest scores
  • 1 juggle in football equals 1 point
  • 1 point in darts equals 1 point
  • Final score is a combination of points from both games (e.g: 15 juggles in football and 50 points in darts awards you 65 points)



partypoker LIVE and WPT are delighted to invite you to our Player’s Party on Friday 20th September at the Theatro from 11.30pm to 3am.

Open bar will be available with fantastic entertainment.


To enjoy all benefits of the MyMembership programme and become one of our exclusive members, you must have the latest version of the partypokerlive.com App downloaded on your device and linked to a partypoker.com account. 

For more information contact mymembership@mypartypokerlive.com