WPT Online Series

WPT Online Series

3rd - 31st May 2020 $35,500,000 GTD

WPT Online Passport Promotion

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Terms and Conditions


Winning WPT Passport Packages:  

  • Players can win $5,000 MILLIONS Passports in satellites on partypoker. 
  • The maximum buy in to the satellites is $55 where players carry their chips through to the final each Sunday. There is no direct buy in available on the Sunday final. 
  • The WPT Passport satellites are phased and players carry their chips through to the next stage. Players can buy in at any stage up until the semi final and must be available for all future stages of the satellite from Round 1, QTR Final, Semi Final and also Sunday Final. 
  • Players who make it through to the next stage more than once will carry their highest stack through. The other stack will be forfeited with no financial value. The prize money for the additional stack will remain in the prizepool. 
  • WPT Passport satellite will have a guaranteed number of packages and another package will be generated for every additional $5,000 collected from the Semi Finals. If additional is collected which does not total $5,000 then it will be paid in cash to the bubble. 
  • All chips carried through to the next stage will be in play from the start and players cannot move their chips to another day if they cannot make the target final. 
  • Tickets won in Freerolls will have a 24 hour expiry. 
  • Tickets awarded in promotions or giveaways will have a 7 day expiry. 
  • WPT Passports will be issued as a $5,000 package once the satellite final has finished. Within 24 hours the package will be removed from the players account and they will receive an email confirming how to claim their package for their chosen WPT event. 
  • Players can win multiple WPT Passport packages, however they must be able to use them within 12 months. . 
  • In the unlikely event that the satellites experience technical issues and are unable to reach completion will follow the procedures below: 
  • Satellites with guaranteed seats will be re-scheduled for another date. 
  • Phased QTR Finals or Semi Finals will be cancelled and paid out as per the partypoker cancellation policy. 
  • Feeders will be cancelled and paid out as per the partypoker cancellation policy. 


Spending WPT Passport Packages 

  • WPT Passport packages must be used within 12 months of winning them. 
  • Players will be able to play any of the WPT Main Events listed on the WPT Passport Events page, found here: https://partypokerlive.com/en/wpt-passport/events. 
  • Should a WPT event not appear on the below list, then players will not be able to use their WPT Passport to buy-in. No exceptions will be made. 
  • WPT Passports can be used at the following events: 
  • WPT Online - May 2020
  • WPT UK – September 2020 
  • WPT Montreal – November 2020 
  • WPT Russia – 2021
  • Should a package include a Hotel offer, Players must confirm where they wish to use their package at least 7 days prior to the start of their chosen festival, to give us enough time to arrange hotel requirements. For players who win their package within 7 days of the festival, we will make an exception for these players and arrange their hotel at short notice. 
  • Hotel room types are allocated on a first come first served basis. Once certain room type is sold out we will allocate the next best room available. In extreme cases this may not be in the same hotel. 
  • Players will receive an email asking them to choose which WPT Event they wish to play. Once they have confirmed which event the team will go ahead and book their hotel, if applicable, and issue any expenses connected to their chosen location.  
  • Should a package include a hotel offer, once a player has confirmed their attendance and the hotel booked, the passport becomes non-refundable, and will not be returned under any circumstances. 
  • Should a passport only involve cash expenses, then a refund may be issued once the player has paid back the expenses. If a player refuses to return the expenses and does not attend the event, then the passport will be forfeit. 
  • WPT Passport packages are worth $5,000 and cannot be broken down to smaller events unless stated within the chosen package breakdown. 
  • Hotel rooms issued as part of the WPT Passport package are for 2 guests. The package holder must be in attendance to claim their hotel room. 
  • Players cannot transfer their WPT Passport packages to another player. 
  • There is no cash alternative for MILLIONS Passport Packages. 
  • Players cannot use a WPT Passport package as a re-entry to any WPT events, they must be the first package used for that event. If the player is unsuccessful in their chosen starting day they are eligible to play future live or online satellites after they have been eliminated from the tournament. 
  • If a player claims their WPT Passport package for an event and then goes on to win a direct satellite for the same event they will need to use their additional seat as a re-entry if they are able to or another tournament of the same buy in within the festival. 
  • Players who qualify via WPT Passport will be paid out to their partypoker account. 
  • Payouts made into partypoker accounts will be paid at the exchange rate of the site on that day. Players who have their partypoker account set in the same currency will not be affected by exchange rates. 
  • Payouts will be issued within 10 days of the festival ending.
  • Any player wishing to use their passport must play Live Day 1A for the event. No players will be allowed to use their ticket Online
  • If you play the Online Day 1+2 and make Day 3 your Passport package will be saved for another event.
  • If you intend to play the Online Day 1+2 please only book your passport in after you know the outcome of the Online Day 1+2


WPT Passport Expenses 

  • For WPT events where the hotel is included, it will be booked for the specific dates mentioned on the package. If players wish to amend the dates or add additional dates these will be charged at the nightly rate. 
  • If cash expenses are included in the package they will be paid into a player's partypoker online account in cash, we cannot issue expenses in cash at the live event. 
  • There is no cash alternative to hotel rooms or excursions if players choose not to claim them as part of the package. 
  • Players are unable to also claim expenses with PP LIVE Dollars or T$ if they have won a MILLIONS Passport as expenses are included as part of the MILLIONS Passport package. 


General WPT Passport Terms and Conditions 

  • WPT Passport packages have no financial value and are non-transferable. In the event of a player not being able to use their WPT Passport there will be no cash alternative. 
  • partypoker LIVE should not be held responsible for the status of a player's partypoker online account. 
  • Players are not able to sell or transfer their WPT Passport packages to another player. 
  • WPT Passport packages will expire after 12-months. 
  • Exchange rates to buy into live events will be made at the rate advertised on the partypoker LIVE website on the day of requesting to buy in. 
  • partypoker LIVE will be reporting throughout the tournament and will post live updates on all Online Qualifiers – this also includes MILLIONS Passport holders. If you wish to NOT be featured please email: WPT.Passport@mypartypokerlive.com 
  • If we do not hear from a player we will assume that they are happy to be featured in the live updates as an online qualifier on partypokerlive.com and any other third party media outlets. 
  • Management reserve the right to amend, cancel or change this promotion at any time. 
  • Management decision is final. 
  • Errors and omissions excepted.