WPTDeepStacks Deauville

WPTDeepStacks Deauville

7th - 12th May 2019


Relax while you’re away from the tables in your exclusive partypoker LIVE lounge. It’s your dedicated members-only area at Casino Barriere, open from Thursday 9th May to Sunday 12th May during the following times: 


Thurs 9th 4pm - Midnight
Fri 10th 3pm - Midnight
Sat 11th 3pm - Midnight
Sun 12th  3pm - 10pm

Come along and see us at Galerie de l’O2 Sofa Bar!

WPT Player’s Party

You’re also invited to the WPTDS Player of the Year Party on Saturday 11th May at l’O2 Sofa Bar starting at 9:30pm – Late. Complimentary refreshments will be available from 9:30pm – 11:30pm.

For more information please contact Maxime Rouison from WPT: maxime.rouison@wpt.com