World Cup of Cards

World Cup of Cards

20th Jan - 6th Feb 2019
CAD $500,000 GTD
($377,873 GTD)

World Cup of Cards

World Cup of Cards

20th Jan - 6th Feb 2019
CAD $500,000 GTD
($377,873 GTD)

MILLIONS Golden Chip GP Canada

MILLIONS Golden Chip   Ever wanted to take part in our headline MILLIONS tour, but not sure how to get there? Well here is your chance! Buy-in to Grand Prix Canada Online, then go on to win the event, and you’ll win a $12k package to MILLIONS South America! This package includes a $10,300 Main Event buy-in and $1,700 Cash for flights and... Read More

Terms and Conditions


This promotion runs from 20th January 2019 until 28th January 2019. Only players that buy-in with the methods listed below will be eligible.

This promotion is open to all players who use PP LIVE Dollars or partypoker funds to buy-in in full. This includes all players that play the Online Day 1 for this event.

To win, a player must have entered using any of the methods listed, then win the tournament outright. No deals will be allowed and will void the promotion.

The $1700 expenses will be credited to the players account within 72 hours of the event finishing. The seat will be held live at the event, unless the player requests it to be credited for an Online Day 1.

The package is for MILLIONS South America and is non-transferable to another event. MILLIONS South America takes place from 15th - 24th March. You can read more about it here.

The package is non-transferable and must be used by the player who wins it.

Players must use PP LIVE Dollars for the full buy in to be eligible for the promotion and cannot part pay. If you have won $50 and that is not enough you must win an additional satellite ($200, $1,000 or $5,000 denominations) to buy in with the full amount

The promotion is only valid on the Grand Prix Canada Main Event at Playground Poker Club between 20th – 28th January 2019.

By entering this promotion, all players agree that their image may be used publicly for marketing and promotional campaigns.

PP LIVE Dollars buy ins will be set at XE spot rate and will be reviews regularly to ensure players receive the best price at the time of buying in. Once a player has bought in any changes to the exchange rate will not affect their purchase, therefore they will not receive a refund or be charged for the difference

Players who buy in with PP LIVE Dollars will receive their winnings into their partypoker accounts

All PP LIVE Dollars have a 24-month expiry from the date they are won

The Grand Prix Canada schedule is subject to change, but the promotion will still be valid regardless of which day 1 you choose to play and if you change this day 1 at any time

Players must have a linked partypoker LIVE account to see their PP LIVE Dollars wallet and must create a 4-digit pin to access their wallet for added security

Players can win PP LIVE Dollars every night on partypoker and they will hit your wallet within 24 hours and you will be notified by email

Any player who is seen to abuse the nature of this promotion will be eliminated from the promotion

Management decision is final

Errors and omissions excepted

$1M Leaderboard

To launch PP LIVE Dollars we're running a Leaderboard in the April 2018 - April 2019 season, with $1,000,000 being divvied up between the top 100 players. We'd rather give money to our customers than spend it on advertising. You can view the current leaderboard here.

Terms and Conditions

Leaderboard Terms and Conditions

  • The $1Million leaderboard runs from 16th April 2018 - 15th April 2019 in conjunction with MILLIONS Season II.
  • The top 100 players are determined by the amount of PP LIVE Dollars they win within the time, regardless of how much they spend throughout the season.
  • The $1,000,000 is paid out in PP LIVE Dollars for season III and will follow the example pay-out given on this page with $5,000 PP LIVE Dollars for 100th and $100,000 PP LIVE Dollars for 1st.
  • Any PP LIVE Dollars won through the leaderboard will show on your partypoker LIVE account and have an expiry of 24 months.
  • PP LIVE Dollars can only be spent by players once they appear on their balance.
  • Players must have a partypoker LIVE account which is linked to their partypoker account to spend their PP LIVE Dollars and view their remaining balance
  • Players must have a partypoker LIVE account which is linked to their partypoker account to take part in the $1Million leaderboard
  • In the event of a player's partypoker account closing for whatever reason they will still be able to use their PP LIVE Dollars for all live events and travel expenses and their leaderboard status will still exist
  • Due to legislation changes, as of 1st January 2019 Swedish players are no longer eligible for this promotion and therefore will not appear on the leaderboard or be eligible for any prizes in April 2019 connected to this leaderboard.
  • Players who finish in the same position will split the two pay-out amounts between them
  • partypoker LIVE should not be held responsible for the status of a player's partypoker online account during this promotion
  • partypoker LIVE reserve the right to exclude anyone who abuses the nature of this promotion
  • Players can win multiples of $50, $200, $1,000 and $5,000 PP LIVE Dollars amounts and build their balance. These can be used with full flexibility for 24 months upon which they will expire.
  • Players are not able to sell or transfer their PP LIVE Dollars to another player
  • Players are not able to transfer their PP LIVE Dollars to a non-partypoker LIVE branded or sponsored event. This includes partypoker online tournaments, unless branded by partypoker LIVE i.e. MILLIONS Online.
  • PP LIVE Dollars satellite schedule, structures and guarantees are subject to change but all PP LIVE Dollars won within the time frame will count towards the $1Million leaderboard.
  • Players must have a partypoker LIVE account which is linked to their partypoker account to take part in the $1Million leaderboard.
  • Players who do not have linked partypoker LIVE accounts will not appear on the leaderboard.
  • Players will be displayed by SCREEN NAME on the leaderboard.
  • partypoker LIVE event schedules are subject to change but will all allow PP LIVE Dollars.
  • Management reserve the right to amend, cancel or change this promotion at any time.
  • Management decision is final
  • Errors and omissions excepted
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