partypoker Championship UK

partypoker Championship UK

16th Apr - 2nd May 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

General tournament information for partypoker Championship UK:  

How much is entry? 

Players can buy in direct to Day 1 of partypoker Championship UK Main Event Online Day 1s for £500 + £50, and £500 + £60 for Live Day 1s. 

If I’m eliminated from a Day 1 can I enter another Day 1 on the following day? 

Yes. You can play as many Day 1s as you wish. 

Can I re-enter a Day 1 on the same day if I’m eliminated? 

Yes, you can have a single re-entry on each Day 1. 

How many chips will I receive for buying into Day 1 directly? 

Players who buy into Day 1 will receive 100,000 chips. 

Can I buy into day 2 directly? 

No, there is no direct buy-in for Day 2.

If I make Day 2, am I ‘In the Money’? 

No. Players will play down to a bubble, where play will go ‘hand-for-hand’ before making the money.

Can I cash more than once? 


How do I enter the Satellite Promotion?

Win a satellite ticket on partypoker between 10th-24th April and you’ll be entered into a freeroll. The top 5 players from the freeroll will win a PPC Experience Day Package. T&Cs apply.

How do I enter the Last Longer Promotion?

Qualify through to Day 2 of the PPC UK Main Event by playing an Online Day 1 on partypoker. All eligible players will receive a free merchandise goodie bag and card protector. The final player in the last longer will win a 550 seat to be used in future events. T&Cs apply.  


Buying In  

How can I buy in?  

Players can buy-in using Cash at the venue, LuxonPay OR via online holding tanks on partypoker. 

To buy into an online Day 1:

Go to the partypoker lobby and buy-in as you would for any standard online tournament. Day 2 will be played LIVE at Dusk Till Dawn Casino.

To buy into a LIVE Day 1 holding tank:   

Choose the flight that you would like to play and buy-in as you would for any standard online tournament. 

Arrive at Dusk Till Dawn casino on your chosen day and one of our team will confirm your identity and complete your entry.  

Please ensure that you bring proof of ID. 

To buy into a LIVE day 1 using Luxon Pay:

  1. Sign up to Luxon Pay at and verify your account.
  2. Fund your Luxon Pay account using your preferred deposit method. 
  3. Select 'Transfer' from your Luxon Pay wallet, 'Transfer to merchants' and then ‘Dusk Till Dawn’.
  4. Select the tournament you wish to play and buy in
  5. Your buy-in is complete, simply visit the Dusk Till Dawn tournament desk upon arrival.
  6. If you wish to re-enter click on your previous transaction for that event and click ‘send again’



How is the prize pool paid out? 

Payouts will be made according to how you bought in. 

Cash buy-ins will be paid out in cash.  

LuxonPay buy-ins will be paid into your Luxon account. 

partypoker buy-ins will be paid into your partypoker account. 

Are deals permitted? 

Deals are permitted as per the partypoker and venue deals policy. 


Covid 19  

What happens if I qualify for Day 2 and then have to isolate due to Covid 19?  

If you qualify for Day 2 and are unable to play for any reason including isolation due to Covid 19. Your chips will remain in play and blinds/ antes will be taken when appropriate. If your chips remain in play after a pay jump, you will receive the value of that pay jump.  


Online Satellites 

Will there be specific online satellites for the partypoker Championship UK? 

Yes, there will be specific online satellites for the partypoker Championship UK on partypoker. Keep an eye on the lobby for more information.  

Can I use T$ to buy in to this event? 

Yes, you can use T$ to buy-in to holding tanks for partypoker Championship UK. If you do not have enough T$ to buy-in in full, you must ensure that there are enough funds in your partypoker account to make up the difference.  

How can I win T$? 

Players can win T$ every day in T$ satellites on partypoker. They will go into your account immediately. 

Can I sell or transfer my T$ to another player? 

Players are not able to sell or transfer their T$ to another player. 

How long do I have to use my T$? 

All T$ have a 12-month expiry. 

What can I use T$ for? 

For this event, T$ can be used for tournament entry.  

How do I buy in to this event using T$? 

You can buy into the LIVE Day 1 holding tanks with T$.  

I qualified via T$, can I choose which Day 1 I want to play? 

Yes, T$ are a flexible currency and can be used to buy into any Online or LIVE Day 1. You must choose the correct Holding Tank for whichever LIVE Day 1 you’d like to play.