9th - 13th Nov 2018 $10,000,000 GTD

Frequently Asked Questions


All won seats via live satellites must be used by the player that wins them. If you win a ticket and do not use it the ticket becomes forfeit and placed into the prize-pool. Players may not enter a satellite if they currently have an un-used ticket for that tournament

When is late registration in the Main Event?

Late Registration in the Main Event is until the beginning of level 13. Which will be after the dinner breaks on Day 2A and Day 2B

Can I use PP LIVE Dollars to buy in to this event?

Yes you can use PP LIVE Dollars to buy in to this event.

How do I buy in to this event using PP LIVE Dollars?

Visit the schedule page and on the left side of the page there is an option to buy in to all events.

I qualified via a satellite. Can I choose which MILLIONS World Day 1 I want to play?

Yes, you can choose between any of our live Day 1s. You can also buy in direct to either Day 2 using your ticket.

Can I play more than one MILLIONS World Day 1?

Yes, you can enter as many Day 1s as you like. If you make Day 2 more than once you can choose which stack to take through to Day 2 and use the second for a re-entry if needed.

How much is entry to MILLIONS World?

Players can buy in direct to Day 1 or Day 2 for $25,500. You can also qualify online at partypoker via satellites from as little as $0.01 using PP LIVE Dollars or specific satellites.

Can I re-enter a MILLIONS World Day 1 on the same day if I’m eliminated?

Players can re-enter the tournament once per Day 1, players can also buy into Day 2 and have 1 re-entry. If you carry a stack through to Day 2 and then get knocked out you can have another entry and a re-entry back into that day 2.

How long do MILLIONS World Main Event Day 1s last?

Day 1 tournaments end after 8 x 60 min levels with all surviving players moving to Day 2 which play 10 x 60 min levels.

What happens if I have multiple stacks going into Day 2 for MILLIONS World Main Event?

If you make Day 2 more than once you can choose which stack to take through to Day 2.

Will the overall winner receive a trophy?

Yes, the winner will receive an official trophy.

Who can I contact for help?

If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch by emailing