MILLIONS South America

MILLIONS South America

16th - 24th Mar 2019
$7,000,000 GTD

MILLIONS South America

MILLIONS South America

16th - 24th Mar 2019
$7,000,000 GTD

MILLIONS South America - Terms and Conditions


Every poker player in Brazil will have to pay taxes on his winnings. You will find below the different examples regarding your situation:

  • Brazilian citizens/residents

If you are Brazilian or a resident* in the country, you will be taxable up to 27.5% (Personal Income Tax) on your winnings regarding the board below:

Currency R$

Percentage %

Allowance R$

Up to R$ 1,903.98



Between R$ 1,903.99 and R$ 2,826.65

7.5 %

R$ 142.80

Between R$ 2,826.66 and R$ 3,751.05


R$ 354.80

Between R$ 3,751.06 and R$ 4,664.68


R$ 636.13

Above R$ 4,664.68


R$ 869.36

*- An individual is considered a resident of Brazil when he or she is holding a permanent visa, or a temporary visa with an employment agreement. An individual is a resident without an employment agreement when staying in Brazil for more than 183 days within 12 months.

**- Tax free amount

  • Non-resident players

If you are not residing in Brazil, you will be taxable by 15% (flat rate) on your winnings.

NOTE: The 15% tax apply to each tournament prize. The amount of tax taken from your winnings will also depends on how much you spent on your buy-ins throughout the festival. If you spent more on your buy-ins in comparison to what you have won, you won’t be taxed.

Below, a few examples:

Buy-ins R$

Prize R$

Taxable amount

Taxes R$ (15%)

Final Amount R$

R$ 5,000

R$ 50,000

R$ 45,000

R$ 6,750

R$ 38,250

R$ 39,500

R$ 375,000

R$ 335,500

R$ 50,325

R$ 285,175

R$ 191,000

R$ 150,000





Buy-ins R$

Prize R$

Taxable amount

Taxes R$ (15%)

Final Amount R$

R$ 40,000

R$ 0




R$ 4,000

R$ 0




R$ 10,000

R$ 80,000

R$ 26,000*

R$ 3,900

R$ 76,100


* – The R$ 44,000 previously spent have been deducted from the taxable amount as no profit was made out of them

The tax will be taken directly from your payout, and therefore you will receive your prize tax deducted, you don’t need to take any action during this process.

  • Countries with Bilateral agreement / Claim your taxes back

Some countries have a bilateral agreement with Brazil, which means if you are from one of them, you will be able to claim back the 15% tax, to avoid any double taxation.

You can find the list of these countries below:

  •  South Africa
  • Germany
  • Argentina
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • China
  • South Korea
  • Denmark
  • Ecuador
  • Slovakia
  • Spain
  • Philippines
  • Finland
  • France
  • Hungary
  • India
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Luxembour
  • Mexico
  • Norway
  • Netherlands
  • Peru
  • Portugal
  • Czech Republic
  • Russia
  • Sweden
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • Venezuela

If you are indeed resident of one of these countries, you must bring ALL the document below during the MILLIONS SOUTH AMERICA, in order to claim your taxes back. PLEASE NOTE that if one of these documents is missing, the process may not be possible:

  • One copy of your passport
  • Your social security number of your country of residency
  • One copy of the wire transfer, credit card or cash declaration form from the Brazilian customs (if you bring cash), as proof of the buy-in
  • Copy of the prize receipt.
  • The Brazilian Tax Back form (available at the front desk / cashier)
  • Your complete bank details

All of these documents must be taken at the front desk during the event, in order to proceed. It can take up to 60 days to get your money back. We will be able to help you filling the form during the festival.

If you have any question, feel free to send an email to or ask the partypoker LIVE staff during the event.

Standard T&Cs:

In addition to standard partypokerpartypokerLIVE, the following applies:

  • Players who qualify/buy-in online will be paid out to their partypoker account.
  • Players who buy-in with cash at the venue can choose their payout method.
  • Day 2 stacks are not transferable and will be in play from the start of Day 2.
  • If a player makes it through to Day 2 more than once, they will play their largest stack in Day 2.
  • The event dates, schedule and structures are subject to change.
  • All participants in partypoker LIVE events must sign the media policy by logging into their partypoker LIVE account (top right of this page) and accepting the media policy. All new accounts will automatically be asked to agree to the media policy. This only needs to be done once and will remain valid for all future partypoker LIVE events.
  • 3% of the prize pool is withheld for dealing costs
  • Management decision is final.
  • Errors and omissions excepted.

TV (Live Streaming) and General Media Rules

  1. partypoker LIVE events are often filmed for future TV and/or live streaming productions, by participating in any partypoker LIVE event you also agree that we can use your name, photo or video footage in any way we see fit, and you grant us global image rights to use this material.
  2. Players playing on the TV table agree that we can broadcast their play on a short delay over the Internet, or on TV and create highlights videos and full videos of all play on the table. Players do not have the right to opt out of this coverage.
  3. Players playing on the TV table are required to position their hole cards in such a way that the table can read the cards and display the cards on the steam / video footage, as directed by the Dealer, and / or Floor Staff or Media Team.  Players do not have the right to opt out ensuring their hole cards are read.
  4. Players on the TV table are not permitted to use their mobile devices whilst at the table including phones, tablets and laptops, and any such infringement will result in penalties. We cannot however prevent any players from receiving information from friends watching the stream elsewhere.
  5. The TV table may feature commentary from various people including but not limited to regular commentators and occasional guests. The opinions of the commentators and guests are their own and are not necessarily the opinions of partypoker LIVE.
  6. By playing a partypoker LIVE event, you agree to accept and adhere to these Terms and Conditions, failure to accept or adhere to these Terms and Conditions may result in players being disqualified from the tournament with no refund or financial compensation due. 
  7. We do not ban players from wearing patches / logos of any other poker sites, however we simply ask that players on the feature table limit their branding to no more than:
      1. 1 x Chest patch measuring no more than 12cm x 12cm
      2. 1 x Sleeve patch measuring no more than 12cm x 12 cm
      3. 1 x Hat logo measuring no more than 12cm x 12cm
      4. In the event of a player having a hoodie / jacket with a logo larger than 12cm x 12cm on the back, they should not wear it at the TV Table
  8. We do not permit players to wear patches / branding from any thing we consider to be inappropriate, including but not limited to wearing the branding of porn sites, anything which can be considered to be discrimatory or inciting racial, gender, or religious hatred.  Clothing that we consider to be too revealing will also result in exclusion.  Once excluded players are permitted to change into appropriate clothing and re join the tournament. Our decision is final in this matter.

$1,000 Cash Expenses

  • This promotion runs from 22nd October 2018 until the 100th person has bought in with PP Live Dollars or until 15th March 2019. Those who buy in when the event is running will not be eligible for the promotion.
  • This promotion is open to all players who use PP LIVE Dollars to buy in. Players using other payment methods will not receive $1,000 towards expenses
  • $1,000 will be credited to players account within 24 hours of player buying in with PP LIVE Dollars.
  • If a player requests a refund for MILLIONS South America they will be asked to pay back the $1,000 before they are issued the refund in PP LIVE Dollars for MILLIONS South America.
  • Players must use PP LIVE Dollars for the full buy in to be eligible for the promotion and cannot part pay. If you have won $200 and that is not enough you must win an additional satellite ($200, $1,000 or $5,000 denominations) to buy in with the full amount
  • The promotion is only valid on the MILLIONS South America Main Event at the Copacabana Palace Hotel between 16th – 24th March 2019.
  • PP LIVE Dollars buy ins will be set at XE spot rate and will be reviews regularly to ensure players receive the best price at the time of buying in. Once a player has bought in any changes to the exchange rate will not affect their purchase, therefore they will not receive a refund or be charged for the difference
  • Players who buy in with PP LIVE Dollars will receive their winnings into their partypoker accounts
  • All PP LIVE Dollars have a 24 month expiry from the date they are won
  • MILLIONS South America schedule is subject to change, but the promotion will still be valid regardless of which day 1 you choose to play and if you change this day 1 at any time
  • Players must have a linked My partypoker LIVE account to see their PP LIVE Dollars wallet and must create a 4 digit pin to access their wallet for added security
  • Players can win PP LIVE Dollars every night on partypoker and they will hit your wallet within 24 hours and you will be notified by email
  • Any player who is seen to abuse the nature of this promotion will be eliminated from the promotion
  • Management decision is final
  • Errors and omissions excepted

 "Guess the Entries" Promotion Terms and Conditions: 

  • This competition runs from 1st - 31st Jan 2019.
  • This competition is open to all My partypoker LIVE members who have successfully linked their accounts.
  • This competition is open to all players residing in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Guatemala, Ecuador, Cuba, Bolivia, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Paraguay, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Uruguay, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Suriname, Bahamas, Belize, Barbados, Saint Lucia, St. Vincent & Grenadines, Grenada, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Saint Kitts & Nevis.
  • Player's locations will be checked upon the closing of the competition. Any players who have entered an incorrect country of residence will not receive the prize even if their guess was correct as the entry will be invalid.
  • Players are limited to one guess per competition.
  • Players may not amend their guess once submitted.
  • Guesses must be exact in order to win 1,000 PP LIVE Dollars.
  • If exact number is not guessed, the prize will remain unwon.
  • There is no limit to the number of winners. Winners will receive 1,000 PP Live Dollars each should more than one member guess correctly.
  • The winner(s) will receive 1,000 PP LIVE Dollars within 72 business hours of the competition closing.
  • All PP LIVE Dollars have a 24 month expiry from the date they are won.
  • Players must have a linked My partypoker LIVE account to see their PP LIVE Dollars wallet and must create a 4 digit pin to access their wallet for added security.
  • Any PP LIVE Dollars won will not count towards your participation in the $1M Leaderboard.
  • Players can win PP LIVE Dollars every night on partypoker and they will hit your wallet within 24 hours and you will be notified by email.
  • Any player who is seen to abuse the nature of this competition will be eliminated from the competition.
  • Management decision is final
  • Errors and Omissions Excepted.

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