MILLIONS Russia 2017

MILLIONS Russia 2017

4th - 14th Sep 2017 $5,000,000 GTD

MILLIONS Russia 2017 - Terms and Conditions

  1. All tournaments buy ins and cash games are in Casino Sochi units (c.s.u.) (1 c.s.u = 50 rub). Calculation of buy ins/guarantees of main tournaments and satellites to them (EAPT Grand Final, Millions Russia, High Roller, Super High Roller, 8-Max) will be: buy in/guarantee in USD*exchange rate of Central Bank of Russia on the first offline day of the tournament/ c.s.u and will be announced on the first offline day of each event.
  2. Buy ins and guarantees are announced in USD, but all payments in rubles (RUB)
  3. Tournament schedule and dates are subject to change, for latest dates please see the Tournament Schedule tab on this page.
  4. Tournament Director retains the right to add or subtract a level or a day to all tournaments and reserves the right to amend structures or schedules
  5. 3% of all prize pools Tournaments will be withheld for staff.
  6. All guaranteed tournaments include 3% for staff and all bounties in bounty tournaments
  7. First place of Millions Russia Main Event will receive at least $1,000,000, which will be paid in full.
  8. Millions is only open to players over the age of 18 (or the legal gaming age in the country the day 1 is held if higher than 18)
  9. Players wishing to play Millions Russia on partypoker must have an active partypoker account, no refunds will be offered should a player’s account be subsequently closed.
  10. Seats won at Sochi casino or in partypoker Online satellites are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  11. High Rollers players have the option to choose to complete their final table the following day at any point during the final but the decision must be unanimous
  12. Breaks at Final Tables will be suggested by the Tournament Director, but players have the option to unanimously choose their own breaks and the Tournament Director will pause the clock
  13. General partypoker terms and conditions apply.
  14. We reserve the right to make changes and our decision is final.
  15. Errors and omissions excepted


  1. Single Re-Entry is permitted on Phase 1s, Day 1s and Day 2s with the exception of High Rollers and Satellites where Re-Entry is not restricted
  2. Players who play multiple Phase 1s take their highest stack through but have the option of using their additional Phase 1 stacks as re-entries into Day 1s
  3. Players who play multiple Day 1s take their highest stack through to Day 2 but have the option of using their second highest stack as a re-entry in Day 2
  4. Players have the option to forfeit their stack during the late registration period and re-enter

Phase 1

  1. Players who win multiple $550 phase 1 tickets must all be used for the event. There will be no cash or T$s for unused tickets
  2. Players who win multiple Day 1 chip stacks (via a phase 1) must be use them for the event. Players can use additional stacks to re-enter and if they make Day 2 can try another Day 1 and take their highest stack through to Day 2. There will be no cash or T$s for unused chip stacks
  3. Players can enter a phase 1 and re-enter into the same phase 1. Players can play as many phase 1s as they want as they can play multiple Day 1s with their chip stacks
  4. Players can enter a Day 1 and re-enter once into the same Day 1. Players can play as many Day 1s as they want as they carry their highest chip stack into Day 2
  5. Players who make it through a phase 1 must use their chip stack in a Day 1 they cannot skip Day 1 and use the stack straight into Day 2.
  6. Players can buy in directly to Day 1s with $5300 cash
  7. Players can buy in directly to Day 2 with $5300 cash and re-enter Day 2 but only once.
  8. If a player has 2 x Day 2 chip counts from Day 1s they can use the second chip stack to re-enter if they are knocked out during late registration
  9. The first 100 players who make it through a phase 1 (online or live) before 5th September will receive a $550 cash bonus.
  10. Live Phase 1s will play 21 Levels or down to 10% of the field whichever comes first