MILLIONS Grand Final Barcelona

MILLIONS Grand Final Barcelona

7th - 15th Apr 2018 €23,000,000 GTD ($24,033,136 GTD)

Frequently Asked Questions

I qualified via a satellite. Can I choose which Day 1 I want to play?

Yes, you can choose between any of our live Day 1s.

Can I play more than one Day 1?

Yes, you can enter as many Day 1s as you like. Your largest stack will be carried through to Day 2.

Can I re-enter a Day 1 on the same day if I’m eliminated?

Players can re-enter the tournament once per Day 1

If I’m eliminated from a Day 1 can I enter another Day 1 on the following day?


What happens if I have multiple stacks going into Day 2?

Only your highest stack will be carried through to Day 2. All other stacks will be forfeited.

How long do MILLIONS Main Event Day 1s last?

Day 1 tournaments end after 12 levels with all surviving players moving to Day 2.

Are deals permitted?

Final Table deals are permitted at the tournament director’s discretion. 10% must be left for the winner.

Will the overall winner receive a trophy?

Yes, the winner will receive an official trophy.

Who can I contact for help?

If you have any further questions please feel free to get in touch by emailing

How is the prize pool paid out?

If you buy in Online, you will receive your payout online. If you buy in with cash at the venue, you will have the option to be paid out in cash at the venue or online. Partypoker LIVE management reserve the right to set limits and restrictions on payout methods from tournaments and are obligated to inform the player accordingly.