Dusk Till Dawn Grand Prix

Dusk Till Dawn Grand Prix

12th - 19th Aug 2018 £250,000 GTD ($322,587 GTD)

Dusk Till Dawn Grand Prix - Terms and Conditions

Standard Dusk Till Dawn, partypoker & partypoker LIVE terms and conditions apply.

  • Guarantee includes 10 x £5,300 MILLION UK seats.
  • This tournament is open to all persons who hold or can hold a valid Dusk Till Dawn membership.
  • Online Day 1s are for any persons who have or can have a valid partypoker account.
  • Players can buy-in to Online Day 1s of this tournament with partypoker LIVE $$$, partypoker balance or Tournament Dollars.
  • Players can buy-in to Live Day 1s of this tournament with cash, partypoker LIVE $$$, partypoker balance, Tournament Dollars or DTD£££.
  • All players who complete Day 1s will take their stacks forward to Day 2.
  • Dusk Till Dawn will endeavour to deal all stages of this tournament 8 handed however, if necessary, 9 handed play may be introduced. This is at Manager and Tournament Director discretion.
  • Turbo Day 1s are 6-Max. 
  • Players are permitted 1 re-entry per Day 1 and can play as many Day 1s as they wish.
  • If a player makes Day 2 more than once they will take their highest stack into Day 2.
  • The Tournament Director and management reserve the right to amend, change or cancel this tournament at any time.
  • Players can claim use PP LIVE $$$ for HOTEL expenses only for this event.
  • Management decision is final.
  • Errors and Omissions excepted. 

"£15 Reg Fee Free" Terms and Conditions:

  • This promotion runs from 30th July - 19th August.
  • This promotion is open to all players who use PP LIVE Dollars to buy in. Players using other payment methods will not get the discounted buy-in rate
  • Players must use PP LIVE Dollars for the full buy-in to be eligible for the promotion and cannot part pay. If you have won $200 and that is not enough you must win an additional satellite ($200, $1,000 or $5,000 denominations) to buy in with the full amount
  • The promotion is only valid on the Dusk Till Dawn Grand Prix main event between 12th - 19th August.
  • PP LIVE Dollars buy-ins will be set at XE spot rate and will be reviewed regularly to make sure players get the best price at the time of buying in. Once a player has bought in, any changes to the exchange rate will not affect their purchase, therefore they will not get a refund or be charged for the difference
  • Players who buy in with PP LIVE Dollars will get their winnings added to their partypoker accounts
  • All PP LIVE Dollars have a 24 month expiry from the date they are won
  • The Dusk Till Dawn Grand Prix schedule is subject to change but the promotion will still be valid regardless of which day 1 you choose to play and if you change this day 1 at any time
  • Players must have a linked My partypoker LIVE account to see their PP LIVE Dollars wallet and must create a 4 digit pin to access their wallet for added security
  • You can win PP LIVE Dollars every night on partypoker and they will hit your wallet within 24 hours and you will be notified by email
  • Any player who is seen to abuse the nature of this promotion will be eliminated from the promotion
  • Management decision is final