EPS Elite Santiago

EPS Elite Santiago

28th May - 1st Jun 2019

53 kilometers from Santiago, right in the center of the Aconcagua Valley, is the Enjoy Santiago Casino, one of the most exclusive venues for those wishing to enjoy an unforgettable experience in Chile with a unique and dazzling view of the mountain range.

Enjoy Santiago is only a half-hour ride from the capital city and Hotel del Valle provides exclusive Natura Vitale spa services, including an indoor heated swimming pool with doors leading outside. In addition, all rooms have a balcony with a view of the mountains and are fully equipped with excellent amenities to satisfy all guests.

The Enjoy Santiago Casino has a wide variety of outstanding nighttime offers all year round, including buffet meals and gourmet dishes à la carte, live music events, local and international comic shows, contests, karaoke and much more.

Enjoy Santiago, Autopista Los Libertadores 738, La Rinconada, Rinconada, Región de Valparaíso, Chile

+56 600 700 6000