Dusk Till Dawn Deepstack

Dusk Till Dawn Deepstack

29th Aug - 2nd Sep 2018 £250,000 GTD ($330,263 GTD)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play Day 1 Online?

Yes, Online Day 1s will run on partypoker.

Can I play Live at Dusk Till Dawn?

Yes, there are a number of Live & Turbo Day 1s at DTD.

Can I re-enter?

Yes, 1 Re-Entry is permitted per Day 1 and players can play as many Day 1s as they wish.

What if I make it through more than once?

If a player makes it through to Day 2 more than once they will take their highest stack through to Day 2.

What buy-in methods can I use?

Players can buy-in to Online Day 1s of this tournament with partypoker LIVE $$$, partypoker balance or Tournament Dollars. Players can buy-in to Live Day 1s of this tournament with cash, partypoker LIVE $$$, partypoker balance, Tournament Dollars or DTD£££.