APAT UK Team Championships

APAT UK Team Championships

11th - 13th Feb 2022

Frequently Asked Questions


General tournament information:

Can I still buy in?

Entry to the APAT UK Team Championship has SOLD OUT.

Are there other events that haven’t sold out?

Yes, there are 3 side events. Please note there are capacity limits for all tournaments so pre-register to avoid disappointment.

How many chips will I receive for buying into Day 1 directly?

Players who buy into Day 1 will receive 75,000 chips.

Can I buy into day 2 directly?

There is no Day 2 buy-in for this event.

Are deals permitted?

Deals are NOT allowed, as per the APAT deals policy.

If I bust, can I re-enter?

There are no re-entries allowed.

How can I enter side events?

There are 3 methods that players can use to buy in:

1) partypoker Account

  • Registering into one of the Online day 1s.
  • Registering into one of the LIVE Day 1 Holdings tanks and visit the partypoker LIVE desk when arriving at the venue.

2) Buy into a LIVE Day 1 via Luxon Pay by:

  • Log in to your Luxon account.
  • Click on “Transfer”.
  • Choose “Add a new contact”.
  • Add Dusk TillDawn and email cashiers@dusktilldawnpoker.com to your contact list.
  • Send your buy in amount to cashiers@dusktilldawnpoker.com.
  • Add a reference – Players Name, Tournament & Date
  •  Visit the Dusk Till Dawn and take your seat, your chips won’t be in play until you arrive.

3) Buy in with Cash at the Dusk Till Dawn Cashier at the venue.


How is the prize pool paid out?

Payouts will be made according to how you bought in.

Cash buy-ins will be paid out in cash.

LuxonPay buy-ins will be paid into your Luxon account.

partypoker buy-ins will be paid into your partypoker account.

Covid 19

What happens if I qualify for Day 2 and then have to isolate due to Covid 19?

If you qualify for Day 2 and are unable to play for any reason (including isolation due to Covid 19), you will receive Minimum-Cash value from the prize pool. Your chips will remain in play and blinds/ antes will be taken when appropriate. If your chips remain in play after a pay jump, you will receive the value of that pay jump.

Online Satellites

Will there be specific online satellites for the APAT UK Team Championship?

No, this event has now SOLD OUT.


What can I use T$ for?

Only for the APAT UK Team Championship, which has now sold out.

Can I use T$ to buy in to side events?

No, you must use Cash or Transfer via Luxon Pay to enter side events.  

How can I win T$?

Players can win T$ every day in T$ satellites on partypoker. They will go into your account immediately.

Can I sell or transfer my T$ to another player?

Players are not able to sell or transfer their T$ to another player.

How long do I have to use my T$?

All T$ have a 12-month expiry.